• Everyone knows it’s windy

    Temperatures climbed a bit Monday, reaching 40 by midday after starting out below freezing. Winds remained elevated, with a small craft advisory in effect again for the harbor, and shifted to the southwest, putting a bit more visible chop on the River. Tugs continue to shelter in the North River with their tanker barges during their downtime. Gracie Reinauer left her spot near Grant’s Tomb and headed to the Erie Basin barge port, but Kirby’s Cape Lookout and Vane’s Pocomoke arrived.

    Dean Reinauer came through Monday morning after discharging cargo in Newburgh and anchored in the Upper Bay
    Gracie opened Monday anchored off Grant’s Tomb before heading for Erie Basin.
    Kirby’s Cape Lookout swung on her anchor at afternoon slack tide off 72nd Street
    Normandy had business up in Yonkers, perhaps assisting with a barge at the sugar refinery
    These well dressed outrig kayakers were not deterred by cold and wind
    A Navy E-2D advanced Hawkeye flew up the river from Norfolk

  • Small Craft Advisory

    Clear and cold again Sunday, with temperatures just above freezing and stiff winds gusting over 20 knots out of the west. A small craft advisory was in effect for New York Harbor. Wind was visible on the River but conditions did not look choppy, at least not from shore. Chop seems to be worse on the River when winds are from the southwest or northeast and run counter to the tide. Commercial traffic was fairly typical and most of the ATBs at anchor Sunday had gone back to work with the exception of Gracie Reinauer who remained off Edgewater.

    Timothy Reinauer left their North River anchorage Sunday and headed for Phillips 66 at Tremley Point on the Arthur Kill for a new cargo
    Evelyn Cutler returned from a delivery at the Buckeye Terminal near Newburgh and headed for Raritan Bay
    Quenames was also coming back from Newburgh, but from the Global terminal south of the city
    Beatrice headed for Albany with a cargo from Bayway at sundown
    Followed by Kimberly Poling, also pushing north with a cargo a little too late for proper photography
    Sarah D brought hoppers south, heading for the Lafarge dock in Sunset Park
    Buchanan12 moved some more crushed dolomite, satisfying unending demand with seemingly unending supply
    The DEP’s Red Hook was back on North River duty, ferry sludge to Hunts Point for dewatering
    The tug Maverick made a loop up the River for no obvious reason

  • First Freeze

    First Freeze

    Temperatures fell below freezing early Saturday, the first freeze in New York City this year, but clear skies allowed us to get back to 40 by the afternoon, and the River remains a source of warmth for the time being as well. The North River anchorages remain in demand, with Kimberly Poling remaining off 72nd Street since Friday afternoon, and Timothy, Gracie, and Kristy Ann Reinauer all lined up off Edgewater, plus several more tug/tanker barge combinations sitting off Yonkers.

    Another harbinger of winter was the arrival of a tanker barge at Pier 98, the fuel dock for Con Ed’s 59th Street Steam Plant. The plant mainly burns natural gas brought in by pipe, but number 4 fuel oil is used as a backup during periods of tight natural gas supply and during preparations for the winter season. Fuel is brought to the plant by barge and stored on the barge during the winter (see my June article in the West Sid Rag, or a more recent article in the Villager not by me for more). The barge itself, GCS230, belongs to Gellaty and Criscione Services and, according to an article by Andrew Gustafson published by Waterfront Alliance a few years ago, it is the last remaining operating vessel afloat built in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

    Kimberly Poling at anchor at the morning slack tide
    And later being passed by Poling-Cutler colleagues on Evelyn Cutler pushing a cargo north towards Albany
    Reinauer ATBs at anchor off Edgewater Saturday at sundown
    The GCS230 barge tied up at Con Ed’s Pier 98 Saturday
    Buchanan12 with a load of Clinton Point crushed dolomite heading south Saturday morning
    And heading back north at sundown after exchanging for empties at the Greenville anchorage off Jersey City
    Norwegian Joy headed out on her penultimate Bermuda run of the season. After one more roundtrip next week she will transit to the West Coast for winter.
    The North River DEP tanker was servicing the North River plant Saturday, ferrying treated sludge to Wards Island for dewatering. North River is the oldest tanker in the fleet, built in 1974 at a time when treated sludge was brought far off-shore and dumped and she is designed for heavier seas than the newer tankers designed for work in the harbor only.
    A Jersey City non-profit was advertising in the air
    The sun disappeared behind Weehawken at 4:25pm

  • Ready to freeze

    After a brief period of rain mid-week as the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole lingered, New York shifted to classic clear and cold autumn weather, with morning temperatures in the 30’s and 15 knot winds out of the southwest. Tanker barges remain busy and seem to be favoring the River over the Bay during their downtime. By Friday afternoon, there were four tugs and barges at anchor in the North River, and three more off Yonkers, ahead of a snow squall expected to move through this evening. Meanwhile, recreational boats are increasingly scarce as most are likely now out of the water for winter or headed off for the south.

    Dean Reinauer at anchor in the river in Wednesday morning fog
    Kristin Poling heading for new cargo after anchoring for a few hours before sunrise Wednesday
    Janice Ann Reinauer returned from delivering a cargo in Providence Thursday and anchored off Grant’s Tomb through Friday evening
    Janice Ann at anchor Friday morning
    Cape Henry was anchored in the North River Friday as well
    And Kimberly Poling was also anchored further south at the afternoon slack tide Friday
    Vane Brothers’ Kings Point headed north with what was probably a partially loaded barge
    Quite a crowd on Friday night. Source: MarineTraffic
    Haugland Group’s Everly Mist continues to make regular hopper runs between Haugland’s Tomkins Cove port and the Newark Bay side of Bayonne
    DonJon’s low slung tug J. Arnold Witte, designed to negotiate the New York State Canals and tight creeks off New York harbor, has been maneuvering a work barge at Pier 99 this week
    A survey boat has also been in use there, presumably ensuring adequate depth
    While other DonJon boats continue to move DSNY scows in and out
    There was also some work happening south of the Intrepid, with a huge Weeks crane there Thursday. It was gone Friday.
    533 is Weeks’s largest crane, with 500 ton capacity
    Norwegian Escape refueled Thursday morning as passengers headed for transportation after arriving from Rome. Escape then headed without passengers for her winter headquarters of Port Canaveral, Florida
    A pair of Army Blackhawk helicopters flew south at 400 feet into a strong headwind, coming down from Stewart Airport in Newburgh
    North Hudson (NJ) Fire/Rescue’s marine unit was on the River Wednesday in the rain, with a well dressed crowd on the aft deck
    USCGC Penobscot Bay was on the river Thursday morning, making smoke as she frequently does and seemingly in need of an emissions upgrade.

  • Cold at last

    Temperatures finally fell into the 30s Monday morning, a shocking return to reality to many who were getting used to summery conditions sticking around. Tanker barges continue to move back in forth on the river, while the Patrice McAllister and Centerline’s William J. Fallon were laid up at North River anchorages. With the Veterans Day weekend behind us, the Coast Guard cutter Lawrence Lawson left Pier 86 and returned to Cape May while the USS Arlington was heading for her own home port of Norfolk.

    USCGC Lawrence Lawson heading for home
    The William F Fallon and the Patrice McAlister at anchor in the North River Monday morning.
    Jordan Rose left the Yonkers anchorage with her barge and headed for the Bay Ride anchorage
    Kimberly Poling brought a light barge down from Albany and headed down the Arthur Kill to Raritan Bay.
    Buchanan12 heading north, being overtaken by a police boat
    A closer look at the police boat, shows it is marked as Marin Sheriff! It looks a lot like the boat on the Marin, California Sheriff’s web site. But there is also some news about the county having acquired new boats. This one likely sold to a new owner and not yet repainted.
    DonJon’s low slung J Arnold Witte continues to do work with a barge around Pier 99, perhaps supporting divers
    This interesting yacht named Savage looks like it has ability to sail. It was heading from Haverstraw to North Shore Marina in Port Washington

  • Variable weekend

    Friday’s tropical storm cleared out Saturday but left behind balmy conditions. Twenty-four hours later, the mercury was dropping and winds were increasing as more rain came through. Oil product tanker barges remain on the move, transporting heating oil, gasoline, and diesel upstate and coming back empty, though Reinauer ATBs that anchored during Friday’s storm remained parked in the River until Sunday.

    Dean Reinauer was anchored off 79th Street Sunday morning
    And remained into the evening
    Stephen Reinauer was anchored further north Saturday, near the bridge, with downtown Yonkers visible in the background.
    Before heading for new cargo in Bayonne Sunday
    Passing the Kimberly Turecamo on one whistle. Kimberly was stemming the tide in the River before heading round the Battery to the Raveswood power plant in Queens, likely delivering a cargo of oil as backup fuel for this gas fired power plant.
    The Beatrice had a loaded barge heading for Albany, coming up from the Delaware River as distillate supply remains tight in New York Harbor
    The DEP’s Red Hook was servicing the North River treatment plant
    And DonJon Marine was servicing the DSNY Pier 99 paper transfer station
    A Poling-Cutler tug pushed a light barge passed the anchored Dean Reinauer
    Mister Jim pushed hoppers down from Coeymans
    Seastreak continues to run fast ferry runs up to West Point and Cold Spring in November even as fall colors fade

  • Get out of the rain

    The remnants of Hurricane Nicole arrived in New York Friday with a steady drenching rain, but not much wind. There was a modest shift to the sheltered waters of the North River, with Dean Reinauer and Timothy Reinauer coming up from the Lower Bay and anchoring off the Upper West Side, and Genesis Victory returning from a delivery at the United Riverhead terminal and heading up to the Yonkers anchorages, joining Jordan Rose there.

    Buchanan12 headed north with empty hoppers returning to Tilcon Clinton Point before the weather arrived
    Stephen Reinauer heading for a calmer anchorage Friday morning
    Dean Reinauer at anchor off 79th Street
    Genesis Victory returning from Riverhead and heading for Yonkers anchorage
    Kristy Ann Reinauer was heading for Albany with a cargo
    With dredging complete, DonJon tugs were servicing the DSNY Pier 99 paper recycling facility again
    A Coast Guard Jayhawk, perhaps the same one that did the rescue demo Thursday, flew down from Cape Cod, circled over Pier 86 and the Statue

  • Search and Rescue

    Search and Rescue

    The Coast Guard demonstrated the service’s search and rescue capabilities on Pier 86 Thursday, ahead of Friday’s Veterans Day parade at which the Coast Guard will be the “featured service.” The Coast Guard brought in a Jayhawk MH60 helicopter, the Coast Guard version of the Blackhawk, and dropped a rescue swimmer in the water who was then winched up.

    A rescue swimmer is retrieved from the River
    The Jayhawk hovers, with a 35’ NYPD launch in the foreground, and the DEP’s North River tanker and a ferry passing
    Icebreaking tug Sturgeon Bay was tied up out of sight at Pier 88 during the demo

    Meanwhile, observed commercial traffic was dominated by Reinauer ATBs. The Josephine came through early with a cargo for Albany. Kristy Ann was coming the other direction with a light barge while Nicole Reinauer returned from Boston light as well, briefly anchored in the River and then headed for the Reinauer dock on the North Shore of Staten Island. Meanwhile, Kirby’s Lincoln Sea with its plus-sized barge remained anchored off 96th Street.

    Josephine Reinauer heading for Albany with a cargo Thursday morning
    Kristy Ann Reinauer heading the other way light
    Nicole Leigh returning from making a delivery in Boston
    Kirby’s Lincoln Sea anchored south of the bridge
    Boats from the Billion Oyster Project had students from the Harbor School at Pier 85. Students later visited the Coast Guard cutter at Pier 86

  • Parade of Ships

    Parade of Ships

    The Coast Guard will be the “featured service” at Friday’s New York City Veterans Day. In recognition of this, USCG organized a small parade of ships, entering the Harbor this morning and proceeding up to the passenger ship terminal. The flagship was the Cape May-based 154’ fast response cutter Lawrence Lawson, which docked at the end of Pier 86, the Intrepid Museum pier. The Navy also participated though, with the much larger Amphibious Transport Dock USS Arlington docking on the south side of Pier 88. Local icebreaking tug Penobscot Bay rounded out the parade, and the FDNY’s Three Forty Three boat also joined in. The Coast Guard will host a search-and-rescue demonstration with a Jayhawk helicopter at Pier 86 Thursday.

    USS Arlington pulls in to Pier 88, with DonJon’s Sarah Ann photo-bombing.
    Penobscot Bay and the FDNY Three Forty Three boat watch her dock
    Cutter Lawrence Lawson tied up on the end of Pier 86
    Coast Guards adjust the fenders between the cutter and the dock
    USS Arlington at the south side of Pier 86
    The Navy keeps a machine gun mounted and manned on the stern of the Arlington while in port
    Marines checked their phones on the Arlington
    Sailors and Marines on the helicopter deck
    NYPD kept an eye on the ships and the cruise ship on the other side of Pier 88

    Meanwhile, commercial life on the River went on as usual. The morning began with three tanker barges anchored with tugs in the river. But Adeline Marie and Kristin Poling left before the Navy arrived, leaving only Lincoln Sea with her very large barge anchored south of the bridge. Kimberly Poling came through with a cargo headed for Albany.

    Kimberly Poling heading for Albany
    Adeline Marie made smoke as she got underway against the flood tide
    Kristin Poling headed for the Bayway terminal for a new cargo
    Lincoln Sea at anchor off 96th Street, getting passed by the Army Corps Hayward
    The dredging team at Pier 99 finished up work with some debris cleanup
    Douglas J arrived to collect the Delaware Bay dredger
    And seemed to be heading back to Newark headquarters
    Everly Mist, formerly known as Evening Mist, headed for the Haugland Group’s Tomkins Cove port in Haverstraw Bay

  • Moderating


    Monday verged on outright summer, but by Tuesday the northeast was easing back into autumn, and a tropical storm is predicted to arrive this weekend. Saint Emilion left its North River anchorage, headed for the Arthur Kill and was in the Upper Bay by evening. Kimberly Poling was at anchor Tuesday morning, and was joined during the day by the Adeline Marie. DonJon’s low-slung canal capable tug J. Arnold Witte joined the dredging team at Pier 99, with canal season now ended for the winter.

    J. Arnold Witte stemming the flood off Pier i Tuesday morning with a deck barge
    The rest of the dredging team off Pier i Tuesday morning
    Thomas Dann left its sugar barge at Yonkers and ran errands in the harbor before heading back up there Monday.
    Mary Turecamo was also running light heading north to Albany Monday, less than 24 hours after her Sunday trip up as far as Kingston
    Kristin Poling at anchor off the Upper West Side Tuesday after returning from a delivery in Providence
    The cruise ship Insignia was tied up at Pier 88 Tuesday, in transit from Montreal to Miami where she will operate in December
    A Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter made a low run up the river Tuesday
    J24 sailboats were enjoying pleasant conditions Tuesday
    A double-crested cormorant was too cool to acknowledge the Canada geese on Pier 96 Tuesday