• From worse to bad

    From worse to bad

    Smoke cleared Thursday and air quality went from ridiculously bad to just pretty bad. It was enough to keep recreational boaters off the North River, but commercial traffic was typical, with energy products and salt moving north and empties coming south. The Coast Guard Cutter Sanibel dropped lines from Pier 86 and headed for Delaware Bay, seemingly not returning to their Woods Hole base just yet.

    Saint Emilion headed north with cargo loaded at Bayonne IMTT
    Kristin Poling left the Yonkers anchorage with the Eva Leigh Cutler barge and headed for Kinder Morgan in Carteret
    Kimberly Poling headed the other way later in afternoon heading for Albany with cargo loaded on the Edwin A Poling barge
    The Stephen Reinauer/RTC 61 combination returned from Albany and headed for the Upper Bay
    Mackenzie Rose had another large cargo of salt and another material picked up in the Upper Bay and headed back north to Coeymans for the second time in 3 days.
    The 65’ Coast Guard small harbor tug Line was heading upstate from the Bayonne base

  • Orange Wednesday

    Orange Wednesday

    Weird smoky conditions persisted Wednesday, reducing visibility, delaying flights, ruining air quality and keeping recreational activity off the River. Commercial traffic continued of course, though the haze made photography difficult. The Coast Guard cutter Sanibel remained tied up at Pier 86, while Viking Saturn made a 5pm departure for Iceland, set to work the Reykjavik to Bergen, Norway route over June and July. The dredging team seems to have paused or completed operations.

    The GW Bridge and The Beatrice were barely visible in the morning haze at a distance of 5.5 mile south of the Bridge and 3.5 miles south of Beatrice
    The Beatrice and the 400’ barge Patsy Paulie later headed for the Upper Bay and then the Arthur Kill
    Kristin Poling returned from New Haven with a light barge and headed for anchorage off Yonkers
    Boston Marine’s Pinuccia was loaded returning from Albany’s Fort Edward Express Terminal and may have loaded ethanol up there for delivery at the Global Terminal in Inwood, Queens, on Jamaica Bay
    Carolina Coast returned to the sugar barge left behind at the Domino plant in Yonkers after a visit to the Caddell boatyard
    By early afternoon the River was barely visible from shore

  • Smoke on the water

    Smoke on the water

    Brisk winds and occasional squalls rolling through did little to clear out the layer of smoke which sat over the North River Tuesday, a product of forest fires up north in Quebec. Commercial traffic was fairly heavy, with the knot of tugs anchored in the North River breaking up leaving only The Beatrice anchored off the water treatment plant by the end of the day. Dredging work continues in the cruise terminal, while Viking Saturn arrived from Nova Scotia, bringing the smoke with it. The Woods Hole based Coast Guard cutter Sanibel was also back in town, docked on the end of Pier 86.

    Kirby’s Lincoln Sea left its North River anchorage with the 474’ barge DBL 140 Monday and headed for the Upper Bay
    Boston Marine’s Pinuccia had cargo heading north for Albany, passing Douglas J with a mud scow on Monday
    American Petroleum’s Stephen B had cargo heading for the Sunoco terminal south of Albany on Monday
    Dean Reinauer and the 413’ RTC 106 returned from Newburgh Tuesday and headed to Perth Amboy without stopping on the North River
    Ruby Coast had the sugar barge Knot Refined on the wire Monday, heading back to Florida after delivering product in Yonkers
    CMT’s Mackenzie Rose had salt lightered off a bulker in the Harbor heading for Coeymans Tuesday
    Saint Emilion left its North River anchorage and headed for the Upper Bay
    Dann’s Treasure Coast had a loaded cement barge coming down from Ravenna heading for Bayonne on Tuesday
    Woods Hole based 110’ cutter Sanibel was visiting and tied up on the end of Pier 86, with the Viking Saturn and the Intrepid Museum’s Concord visible in the background
    Saturn arrived early Tuesday, docking on the south side of Pier 88 with help from Moran Towing
    The small tanker Lesney Byrd provided refueling instead of a full-sized tanker barge. Divers were also working around where hull markings suggest the vessel’s port stern thruster would be
    Buchanan12 made its usual round trips trio Clinton Point, bringing empties back from off Jersey City
    The mega yacht Amara anchored off 72nd Street Monday and launched a helicopter from its deck (is that even legal on the River?). The helicopter made a sightseeing trip up to West Point, returned, and then made a round trip to JFK, perhaps picking up a passenger. By Tuesday, Amara was heading for Sag Harbor, taking the long way around off the South Shore of Long Island.
    DonJon tug Paul Andrew had Drag Barge 1, used for grading operations in the final stages of dredging, anchored off Pier 99, ready for action in the cruise terminal.
    Mary Alice had a mud scow on the wire as dredging continued
    One of the NYPD’s Bell search and rescue choppers was flying round trips between its Floyd Bennett Field base and the 34th Street Heliport all day Tuesday, for unknown reasons.
    A seagull found an enormous fish to eat, perhaps a stripped bass or a shad

  • Sunday visitors

    Sunday visitors

    North River anchorages remained crowded Sunday, and several anchored tugs received visits from colleagues on light tugs. Diamond Coast came up the River early running light to pay a call on Chesapeake Coast perhaps to deliver equipment or crew, while Centerline’s Jillian Irene paid a visit to Adeline Marie anchored off 96th Street. In late afternoon, Evelyn Cutler came up the North River to relieve Saint Emilion on their barge after the Saint came down from Yonkers. Strong winds gusting around 20 knots made for excellent sailing conditions.

    Stephen Reinauer was heading north at dusk Friday, passing the anchored Chesapeake Coast
    Lincoln Sea and Adeline Marie remained at anchor Sunday morning
    Diamond Coast came up the North River Sunday morning to meet colleagues on the Chesapeake Coast
    Chesapeake Coast remained anchored off the Boat Basin throughout the day, but dropped out of the notch and made up alongside the barge Chesapeake in the afternoon
    Julian Irene, which looks more typical of an inland waterway pusher tug, visited Centerline colleagues on Adeline Marie
    Adeline Marie remained anchored off 96th Street
    Saint Emilion left their barge in the care of Evelyn Cutler and headed for dock on the north shore of Staten Island.
    Evelyn also made up alongside the barge to babysit
    Jeffrey S passed Fort Tryon heading to the Upper Bay from points north
    Norwegian Joy spent the day at Pier 88 but was heading back to Bermuda by evening
    Sailing conditions were sporty for this J80 north of the Bridge
    Some of the goslings are getting big now
    Cormorants were reflecting

  • Unsustainable heat

    Unsustainable heat

    Twenty-four hours of summer ended in thunderstorms Friday night and dropping temperatures Saturday. North River anchorages filled up for the weekend despite relatively calm conditions in the Harbor. Traffic was light, with a familiar mix of oil products heading north and crushed stone heading south

    Lightning struck the Englewood Cliffs area on Friday evening
    Buchanan12 headed north with light hoppers as the rain moved in from the north on Friday
    Returning to Jersey City with crushed stone from Clinton Point on Saturday morning.
    And then heading back north again Saturday afternoon
    Pinuccia headed for Newburgh with a products cargo Friday evening
    And returned Saturday with the barge light
    North River anchorages filled up by Saturday morning
    Chesapeake Coast with their distinctive stripped tower and the 300’ barge Chesapeake was off 72nd Street after returning from New Haven
    Kristy Ann was further north with 347’ long RTC80
    Kirby’s Lincoln Sea was next in the row with the massive 474’ DBL 140 barge
    Last but not least, Centerline’s Adeline Marie had a light barge off Edgewater
    Adeline Marie arrived on the River Friday at midday
    A Vanes Brothers tug moved south on the River Friday
    DonJon’s Meagan Ann had hoppers heading north, probably to collect scrap in Albany, passing Kristy Ann at anchor and a J80 tacking up river into the Northeast wind
    Kimberly Poling had a products cargo heading for Albany Saturday afternoon on the 316’ Edwin A Poling barge.
    Wittich Marine’s Sea Fox continues to support the DonJon dredging operation at the cruise terminal
    Douglas J had a loaded mud scow on the wire heading for the dump site Saturday.
    A Blackhawk with medical markings flew upriver Friday
    The Riverside Park gosling population seems smaller than usual this year, but this family’s were getting bigger
    Mallards enjoy the good life

  • June traffic

    Commercial traffic picked up as we moved into June on Thursday, with a wood pulp ship and oil product cargos moving north. The cruise ships in town Wednesday departed for their varied destinations, while the Cutter Deyampert remained at Pier 86.

    Kristin Poling left anchorage off Yonkers and reanchored off the Boat Basin where they were met by colleagues on Evelyn Cutler
    Some material was transferred off the Kristin using a derrick on the Evelyn which then headed for the Caddell ship yard
    The Beatrice, not seen on the North River since March, was anchored off 96th Street
    Buchanan12 had its usual raft of stone hoppers heading for Jersey City, passing a J80 sailboat with spinnaker rigged, heading upriver on a run as temperatures climbed and winds swung around to the south
    Coral Coast has been back and forth on the North River over the past week and was heading back to Ravenna Thursday with a light cement barge after delivering product to the Flushing Bay cement terminal Wednesday
    Balico Marine’s 64’ tug Navigator had a small fuel barge heading for Rensselaer
    Royal Wagenborg Line’s Reestborg had a cargo of wood pulp from the forests and saw mills of Sweden heading for Albany and paper mills up north.
    Silver Shadow sailed for Ireland with help from Moran Towing. Shadow will stop in Boston, Maine and Nova Scotia on the way.
    Douglas J belched smoke as they maneuvered to collect a mud scow for the dredging team
    A fishing boat was enjoying the day

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  • Cruising into summer

    Cruising into summer

    After NATO naval vessels left town Tuesday, Wednesday saw activity at the Manhattan cruise terminal pick up again as a trio of cruise ships arrived and dredging work resumed. The three cruises all had different destinations ahead, with Marella Discovery heading back to Florida via the Bahamas, Seven Seas destined for Montreal, and Silver Shadow stopping off enroute from Florida to Northern Europe. In addition to the cruise ships, the Coast Guard Cutter Warren Daympert returned to the end of Pier 86, just a few days after visiting for Fleet Week. Commercial traffic along the North River remained fairly light, but recreational boaters were out in force.

    The Royal Navy ocean survey ship HMS Scott was one of the last Fleet Week ships to depart Tuesday evening
    Wednesday morning saw Marcella Discovery arrive at Pier 90 with help from Laura K. Moran
    Bunkering barges arrived to refuel the three ships in the terminal
    Vane’s Schuykill tied up at Pier 92 after delivering a bunkering barge
    Fells Point had a barge alongside Silver Shadow
    Seven Seas Navigator’s refueling barge was left unattended
    Fells Point later brought one of the barges back to the Harbor, passing HRCS J80s at Pier 66.
    DonJon’s dredgers resumed their work between Pier 90 and 92 as Marella Discovery refueled before its run back to Florida via the Bahamas.
    B. Franklin Reinauer left its anchorage off 72nd Street with RTC81 and headed for the Upper Bay
    DonJon’s Douglas J was making a run to the dump site off the Jersey Shore with a mud scow on the wire.
    Buchanan12 made its usual run down from Clinton Point with its standard cargo of crushed stone.
    George Holland continues to also make runs up to Clinton Point
    Coral Coast returned from Ravenna with a loaded cement barge and headed for the East River and points beyond.
    Vane’s Philadelphia remained anchored off Edgewater
    Seaplane service resuming is another sign of summer

  • Summer and smoke

    Summer and smoke

    Memorial Day has come and gone, putting us in the cultural summer, with meteorological summer a few days away, and astronomical summer still a few weeks out. Commercial traffic has been light over the holiday, while the Fleet Week ships departed with much less fanfare than seen on arrival. A haze of smoke had descended on the city by Tuesday afternoon, as winds brought smoke from wild fires in the Canadian Maritime provinces.

    USS Wasp made an early Tuesday departure from Pier 88, with sailors and marines lining the deck.
    Laura K Moran stood by to assist
    As did NRN favorite the Margaret Moran
    And a Stasinos pusher with a Coast Guard 29 footer providing security in the background
    Coral Coast had a light cement barge heading for Lafarge Ravenna on Memorial Day morning
    Timothy L Reinauer spent Memorial Day anchored off 96th Street with RTC 84 on the way back from Newburgh before heading for Carteret Monday night
    Hey, it’s Franklin! Franklin Reinauer, the smallest tug in the Reinauer fleet and not to be confused with the much larger B. Franklin Reinauer, made a rare trip down the North River Monday. Franklin was pushing the 300’ long RTC42 and coming back from the Innovative Surface Solutions dock south of Albany on unknown business.
    B. Franklin Reinauer was on the North River the next day, returning from Providence with a light RTC81 and anchoring off 72nd Street
    Buchanan12 was on the way back north early Tuesday with empty hoppers
    Passing the Vane tug Philadelphia which spent Tuesday anchored off Edgewater with the light Double Skin 507 barge
    Philadelphia and Double Skin 507 headed for the Harbor Tuesday evening, passing the anchored B. Franklin with a power boat squeezing by in between
    Poling-Cutler’s Marylin George returned from New London Tuesday morning with the Noelle Cutler barge light. They anchored off Riverdale for a few hours…
    And then headed back to the Harbor as Canadian smoke began to haze the River
    DonJon’s Thomas D Witte was heading north with empty hoppers Tuesday, probably to collect scrap in Albany
    Coast Guard 65’ harbor tug Hawser left the Bayonne station and headed up to the Coast Guard mooring south of the GW Bridge for the day.
    An NYPD 35 footer also was on the North River
    The NYPD has more than one way to keep an eye on the River
    This mystery boat was first seen on the River last November. It is a former Marin County, California sheriff’s boat, which has been only partly repainted. Does not ping on AIS and current owner is unknown.
    A pair of what appeared to be F35s or maybe F22s flew down the River Tuesday.
    Memorial Day at the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in Riverside Park

  • Memorial Day weekend ahead

    Memorial Day weekend ahead

    The cruise terminal is teaming with sailors and coast guards and heavily guarded as we head into Memorial Day weekend. Observed commercial traffic has been moderate.

    Vane’s Wye River headed north with a cargo Wednesday evening
    CMT’s Mackenzie Rose had hoppers loaded with what looked like sand, heading for Coeymans from the Bay Ridge Flats Thursday morning
    Marylin George brought her barge back light from Albany Thursday afternoon
    A Coast Guard 29’ response boat with machine gun mounted was protecting the fleet, with cutter Warren Deyampert tied up at the end of the Intrepid pier and an NYPD Harbor Patrol boat watching the stern of the USS Wasp. A harrier is visible on the stern of the Wasp.
    Military air traffic remained heavy, including a Marine Viper flying up the River at midday
    Wasp had a fuel barge alongside
    The Royal Navy marine survey ship HMS Scott was docked on the north side of Pier 88.

  • The Fleet is In

    The Fleet is In

    Fleet Week kicked off Wednesday with the traditional parade of ships. The surprise this year was the participation of the destroyer USS Cole, famous for surviving a deadly al-Qaeda attack in Yemen back in October 2000. For more on Fleet Week, see my write up in the West side Rag.

    USS Cole led the procession, with the FDNY’s 343 boat visibile on their port side
    The Army Corp’s Gelberman trooped the colors. Hayward did this job last year but that larger crane ship seems to be out of service still
    The US Coast Guard Cutter William Deyampert, down from Boston again, joined the procession with an NYPD RHIB
    The unusual looking fast transport ship USNS Newport passed by before heading to her weekend quarters at the Homeport Pier in Staten Island
    The USS Wasp made a sharp left turn into the cruise terminal with help from Moran Towing
    The survey vessel HMS Scott also turned into Pier 88 with help from Stasinos and Haugland Group tugs
    The Italian frigate Virginio Fasan came up the River before returning to Pier 90, shadowed by Marie J. Turecamo
    Virginio’s Augusta Westland chopper was out on the rear deck. NYS Environmental Conservation Police contributed a boat to the security detail
    Canadian patrol boat Glace Bay was part of the procession
    The Naval Academy contributed four of its yard patrol training ships
    Margaret Moran, a longtime favorite of NRN, was on standby for assistance
    DonJon is not usually in the bunkering business, but Douglas J seemed to be keeping a fuel barge out of the way, which was later brought to the Wasp’s location south of Pier 88. On their port is USCG small harbor tug Hawser.
    A Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol was using a civilian boat
    Another Auxiliary team was more officially equipped
    NYC’S Department of Emergency Management apparently has a boat, not seen on the River before.
    A trio of F18s and an E2 Hawkeye early warning plane flew in formation up to the Cuomo Bridge
    The E2 got left behind on the way back
    Navy Seahawk choppers, probably flying off of the Wasp, made loops over the river
    The NYPD kept a lower level eye on things
    An Air Force VIP transport Huey arrived just as the ships were docking
    Fireboat Three Forty Three was part of the welcoming committee

    Meanwhile, the marine highway remained opened for business as usual, though tugs generally stayed out of the way.

    Buchanan12 came through just before the procession with their usual float of loaded hoppers.
    And returned with empties after the traffic had cleared.
    Kristin Poling, anchored of Englewood Cliffs with barge Eva Leigh Cutler for the past few days, waited for most of the parade to have dispersed before heading for the Arthur Kill, making a weird half loop back up to Chelsea on the way, perhaps to avoid traffic in the Upper Bay
    The Haggerty Girls/RTC107 ATB were heading for Albany or Newburgh with cargo in the afternoon