• Lots of Magic heading into a wet weekend.

    Lots of Magic heading into a wet weekend.

    Temperatures barely got into the 60s Friday as New York heads into a soaked weekend thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Ian. With the storm moving ashore in South Carolina now, Norwegian Getaway made a late Thursday departure without passengers for its winter base in Cape Canaveral. Getaway was replaced by Carnival Magic and Disney Magic. The Disney boat was returning from cruising in Norway and the UK, and will run a series of cruises out of New York to Bermuda now in October, beginning later Friday. The Carnival Magic was completing its last cruise of the season out of New York and left early in the day, probably deadheading down to Norfolk where it will be based for October. Meanwhile, barge traffic seemed light, and Kristin Poling remained anchored off 96th Street.

    Mickey Mouse ears and a Carnival stack protruding above the Pier 99 DSNY facility
    Disney Magic bunkered as arriving passengers waited for transport
    As did Carnival Magic, with Centerline’s HMS Justice positioning the barge.
    Vames Brothers Cape Fear helped Mickey to the dock in the morning and returned in the afternoon to help with departure
    There are now two sailboats anchored south of the Boat Basin
    Evening Mist was bringing aggregate down from the limestone quarry in Catskill NY
    Mister Jim brought a high sided hopper down from the Carver base in Coeymans New York
    A pair of Dann tugs brought a huge Weeks crane upstate in the morning
    Haggerty Girls had a tanker cargo heading north
    Dann Marine’s Coral Coast had a light cement barge heading back to the Lafarge plant in Ravenna, NY

  • Feeling like fall

    Feeling like fall

    Thursday opened with temperatures in the 50s, with highs on the day only in the mid-60s. The wind has now fully rotated around to the north. Commercial traffic seemed lighter, though the gypsum carrier that had been up in Buchanan slipped back to sea before sunrise, avoiding the camera. Norwegian Getaway remains laid up at Pier 88, waiting for Ian to pass before deadheading south for the winter. Kristin Poling remains anchored off 96th Street.

    The north wind running against the flood tide created chop as this Cutler-Poling tug brought a cargo north…
    …and DonJon Marine brought a DSNY scow to Pier 99
    First thought on seeing James William on the North River with empty hoppers heading north was that Buchanan12 had called in sick on the Clinton Point run, but B12 was an hour behind, creeping north against the Ebb tide as well, so for whatever reason there were more BMLP empties heading north Thursday than usual.
    The Army Corps’ Hayward was on patrol for hazards
    A dual hulled sailboat anchored about where the Boat Basin mooring field would be if there were a Boat Basin morning field this year.
    Vames Brothers’ Kings Point brought an empty back after making a delivery at Sunoco Rensselaer
    The towers of Weehawken were dramatically backlit by the autumn sunset

  • We’re here to help

    We’re here to help

    Mid-week brought more beautiful weather, with temperatures rising from the 50s into the high 60s. Winds remained above 10 knots, but rotated a bit up to the northwest. Tanker barge traffic was lighter after Tuesday’s crush, with mostly empty barges coming south. Some light tugs were seen heading upriver, most likely on their way to docking assist jobs in Westchester.

    Meanwhile, the cruise ship Norwegian Getaway remained docked at Pier 88, an unusually long stay after departing Tuesday and turning around in the Upper Bay and coming right back. According to an article in Cruisehive, Getaway’s planned cruise from Cape Canaveral to the Caribbean was cancelled due to the hurricane and she is waiting out the storm up here before heading south, having completed her summer cruising season up north now.

    Coral Coast was heading to Yonkers early Wednesday, mostly likely to assist with docking the large sugar barge which arrived at the Domino plant Tuesday evening.
    A pair of Moran tugs moved north in the late afternoon, most likely heading for the wallboard plant in Buchanan where the bulker delivering Spanish gypsum which arrived last Wednesday is likely getting ready to depart.
    Kristin Poling remained anchored off 96th Street after returning Tuesday from delivering a cargo in New Haven
    Patuxent was visible in the morning haze anchored north of the bridge
    Kimberly Poling brought a light barge down from Albany
    As did Quenames
    Coast Guard 65’ harbor tug Line was on the River again, but this time singling Burlington as destination. We can assume Coast Guard knows how to use AIS, so this implies a transit of the Champlain Canal, which we will have to monitor in the coming days.
    Some teens were exploring the abandoned Boat Basin. Parks Department would likely not be happy, but did not look horribly unsafe at low tide

  • Some less familiar faces

    Some less familiar faces

    Tuesday brought beautiful conditions once again, with pleasant temperatures and steady 15 knot southwest winds making for great sailing. Commercial tanker traffic remained steady and a few boats less often seen on the River were observed.

    This NYPD boat does not have the typical paint job and is in fact not part of the Harbor Patrol at all. CT3 is assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Bureau. Media reports indicate it is equipped with radiation detectors, sonar arrays, and other cool gadgets.
    Fireboat Bravest, based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and more commonly seen on the East River, was in our neck of the woods, testing its water canon near the still-anchored super yacht Moca.
    Research Vessel Blue Sea, a training vessel of Monmouth County maritime magnet high school Marine Academy of Science and Technology, was on the River again, having visited last in July
    Coast Guard cutter Line, one of two 65’ 1963 vintage small harbor tugs based in Bayonne, moved north up the River in late afternoon
    Frigate HMS Richmond remained tied up on the south side of Pier 88
    Dann Marine was brining the Knot Refined sugar barge, which made its maiden voyage here back in May, up to Domino in Yonkers
    Reinauer Twins passed through with a light barge coming back from Newburgh
    Vames Brothers’ Kings Point had what looked like a partially loaded barge heading north
    Another Vames tug, Patuxent, came up the coast from Charleston with a light barge on the wire and headed up the River, presumably to anchor
    Vinik 6, which seems to be becoming a North River regular, came down from Albany and muscled its light barge into the ebb to anchor off the Boat Basin
    Kristin Poling brought a light barge up the River from New Haven to anchor further north near 96th Street
    Buchanan12 was heading north, surrounded by its flock as usual
    Sarah D passed Patuxent on one whistle at sunset coming down from Coeymans with what looked like a load of rock
    Mary Alice was hading north with empty hoppers just before sunset
    Evelyn Cutler passed the towers of Riverside Boulevard with a light barge coming down from Albany
    Followed by the DEP’s Red Hook on is appointed sewage sludge rounds
    Norwegian Getaway made an usual early afternoon getaway, passing Pier 66, but then turned around in the Upper Bay and headed back up river. Perhaps hurricane activity is disrupting her schedule.
    Centerline’s Neptune left after bunkering Getaway earlier, with the cranes of Bayonne Port visible in the distance
    Dredgers remained active in the cruise terminal
    The Intrepid was getting a needed paint job

  • HMS Richmond at the pier

    HMS Richmond at the pier

    Monday brought the Jewish New Year and beautiful fall weather, with temperatures climbing into the 70s after a cool start. The Royal Navy frigate HMS Richmond remained tied up on the south side of Pier 88. In the morning, sailors and an officer could be observed doing some kind of formal drill, raising and lowering the naval ensign several times, perhaps rehearsing for some ceremony planned for this week. The flagship Queen Elizabeth remains anchored in the Upper Bay ahead of the Atlantic Future Forum it will be hosting on Wednesday. Meanwhile, commercial traffic remained heavy, with a lot of oil products heading north as we enter heating oil season.

    Frigate HMS Richmond tied up on the south side of Pier 88
    …with some kind of drill underway on the stern. The sailors are holding rifles and the officer in front has a sword.
    Meanwhile, dredging continued on the other side of Pier 88
    Later on, Sarah Dann handed off a full mud scow to Atlantic Enterprise which would tow it out to the dump site off Sandy Hook
    While Douglas J brought in an empty barge for more mud
    A pair of F/A 18s escorted a seagull up the river, with the flyover perhaps related to the same forum that brought the Royal Navy to town
    A Coast Guard dolphin helicopter was also on patrol
    As was what looked like a US Air Force Huey helicopter
    and an NYPD 45’ boat
    A loaded Reinauer ATB passed between two anchored yachts off 79th Street. The Moca on the left has been there for two weeks, apparently not subject to the Coast Guard 96-hour limit for tugs. The one on the right stopped in that unusual anchorage spot for just a few hours and then was on its way to Greenwich, Connecticut
    Vames Brothers’ Fort Schuyler pushed a loaded barge north as well
    As did Boston Marine’s Quenames
    And Kimberly Poling
    Haugland Group’s Evening Mist was bringing empty hoppers north, probably heading for the company’s Tomkins Cove intermodal port

  • Rule, Britannia!

    Rule, Britannia!

    The Royal Navy arrived in New York Harbor Sunday, with the flagship aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth steaming in to host an Atlantic Future Forum on board. The carrier was accompanied by the frigate HMS Richmond, which came up the North River to dock at Pier 88 as the carrier anchored in the Upper Bay. A carrier based Merlin HM2 helicopter flew up the North River ahead of the Queen’s arrival and made several loops up the River during the day. Meanwhile, tanker traffic on the River was heavy.

    A Royal Navy Merlin helicopter looping up the North River ahead of the arrival of the carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth in NY Harbor
    Frigate HMS Richmond arriving at Pier 88
    A Poling-Cutler tug with a light barge heading south
    Buchanan12 with its daily load of crushed dolomite approaching the bridge
    Pinuccia with a light barge coming down from Newburgh, passing a Metro North Hudson Line train just north of Spuyten Duyvil Station
    Stasinos’s Brinn Courtney bringing hoppers down from Tomkins Cove, passing Spuyten Duyvil en route to the Newark Bay side of Bayonne
    Haggerty Grils came down from Albany with a light barge Sunday late afternoon, passing Alpine NJ with the Mario Cuomo Bridge towers in the distant haze
    And then anchored off Edgewater
    Centerline’s William F. Fallon was anchored off 125th Street
    Susan Rose left its anchorage off Yonkers and headed for the Arthur Kill
    Dann Marine brought a light cement barge north as the light faded in front of the Lincoln Tunnel ramp

  • Saturday morning with a barge fire

    Saturday morning with a barge fire

    Beautiful cool fall conditions persisted Saturday, with light winds out of the west punctuated by occasional gusts. Commercial traffic was heavy and a small fire on a paper recycling barge at Pier 99 brought FDNY Marine units to the scene. The fire was quickly extinguished, but five DSNY employees reported minor injuries (see article in West Side Rag for more details).

    FDNY marine units at Pier 99
    Ladder 35 and Engine 40 responded by land
    Marine units monitor the barge after the fire was extinguished
    Cape Henry remained anchored off West 86th Street for another day
    Ellen Bouchard also remained anchored
    Vinik 6 left its Yonkers anchorage and headed for Raritan Bay
    Kimberly Poling brought a light barge south from Albany
    Buchanan12 was on its daily dolomite run, but turned mid river and stemmed off Pier 90 to kill some time mid-morning before continuing to Jersey City
    Cutter Sturgeon Bay left its North River anchorage, briefly anchored by the Statue, and then headed for its Bayonne base, joining Penobscot Bay there, with UN Week now behind us
    Dace Reinauer, of 1968 vintage, came down from Newburgh with a light barge
    Kristy Ann was heading the other way with a loaded barge
    Evelyn Curtis passed Chelsea with a loaded barge for Albany
    Dann Marine pushed a load of cement south from Ravenna, passing Cape Henry at slack tide
    DonJon Marine brought empty scows north, passing Cape Henry
    Jonathan Moran headed to Pier 88 to assist Carnival Magic
    Carnival Magic left for Bermuda, as seen from J24 sailboat
    Arcadia got an assist from Laura Moran as a kayaker steered clear by Pier 86

  • Four’s a crowd

    Friday morning saw an unusually large gathering of anchored tugs in the North River, with Cape Henry, Ellen Bouchard, Jacksonville, and Genesis Glory all swinging on their chains. There was no obvious reason for this glut of tanker capacity, though perhaps strong winds overnight were a factor(?) In any event, by the end of the day, only Cape Henry and Ellen remained, though they were also joined by the Coast Guard cutter Sturgeon Bay, which resumed its UN week security post off 96th Street after a day tied up by the Intrepid.

    Cape Henry at anchor Friday morning
    Ellen Bouchard, Jacksonville and Genesis Glory lined up south of the bridge
    A crowded river Friday morning. Source: MarineTraffic
    MHT’s Nathan G came south in the morning with a deck cargo from Albany which looked by its shape to perhaps be a large air conditioning unit

    Meanwhile, a trip to Brooklyn’s Fulton Landing ferry dock offered a good chance for ship watching. The Nathan G passed by there as well, coming back from Newtown Creek with an empty hopper barge.

    Nathan G with an empty hopper barge on the East River

    Norfolk’s Pathfinder and Paula Atwell were bringing empty Covanta municipal waste containers back to the Flushing Bay marine transfer station. These Norfolk tugs do not visit the North River regularly but rather shuttle full containers from Flushing and the Upper East Side transfer facility to the Staten Island container terminal where they are put on trains and shipped to the Covanta waste-to-energy plant near Buffalo. Covanta also has a plant in Newark, but trash travels there by truck according to a recent article in New York Magazine’s Curbed.

    Norfolk’s Pathfinder with a set of empty waste containers on the hip
    Followed by Paula Atwell with a similar cargo
    Coast Guard Cutter Katherine Walker was on UN security duty
    Along with numerous small response boats

  • Autumn arrives

    Autumn arrives

    Autumn rolled in with a fast moving storm, but overcast skies gave way to beautiful conditions with 15 knot winds out of the northwest. The UN meetings continued but, with the main events behind us and the President back in Washington, some of the security measures seemed reduced. Coast Guard Cutter Beluga left the FDNY Marine 1 base in Chelsea Wednesday night and headed back to its home at Fort Hancock in Sandy Hook, while the Sturgeon Bay left its station off 96th Street in the North River and tied up at the end of Pier 86, by the intrepid. Her counterpart Penobscot Bay remained by the UN, along with the Woods Hole based cutter Sanibel.

    Ellen Bouchard, now owned by Centerline Logistics, anchored in the River, replacing the Haggerty Girls which made an afternoon departure. Josephine Reinauer also anchored briefly on her way back down from Albany. Norwegian Getaway arrived at Pier 88 and made a quick turnaround for a trip back up the coast to New England, while P&O’s Arcadia arrived from the UK via the Canadian Maritimes and looked likely to stay the night.

    USCGC Sturgeon Bay prepares to dock at Pier 86 behind the Intrepid

    ‘@USCG_Tri_State shared some good photos of the operations on the East Side on their Twitter feed.

    P&O’s Arcadia is assisted to Pier 90 by two Moran tugs, as Atlantic Enterprise of the DonJon dredging crew stays out of the way
    Reinauer’s Josephine heading for the harbor after briefly anchoring in the River on the way back from Albany
    Sarah Dann hands off a mud scow for Enterprise to tow out to the dump site
    Dann Marine brought a sugar barge from New Orleans up to Yonkers as the morning storm moved in

    ©2022 Daniel Katzive
  • Presidential address

    Presidential address

    President Biden addressed the UN General Assembly Wednesday, snarling traffic on the East Side and periodically blocking the East River, but North River traffic was fairly typical. USCGC Sturgeon Bay continued to keep a watchful eye on the West Side from its anchorage off 96th Street as motorcades zipped along the Henry Hudson Parkway, and Haggerty Girls remained anchored a bit further south.

    The most notable shipping of the day came before sunrise as the bulker Jasmine slipped up to the wallboard plant in Buchanan with a load of gypsum from Garrucha Spain. The only daylight manifestation of this on the North River was the Doris and Miriam Moran coming south from Buchanan late in the morning after presumably helping the Jasmine dock at the plant up there.

    Doris Moran passing Guttenberg after helping a gypsum carrier with docking up at the Buchanan wallboard plant
    Followed shortly after by Miriam Moran
    The Haggerty Girls and Cutter Sturgeon Bay at anchor off Riverside Park
    Sturgeon Bay can mount machine guns on its bridge wings for security details but we cannot see clearly enough in the photo whether she has done so
    A Reinauer ATB came upriver early in the day with a cargo
    Vanes Brothers’ Fells Point pushed an empty down from Albany in the afternoon
    Kimberly Poling left her Yonkers anchorage and brought her empty barge down towards the harbor as well
    As did her colleagues on Evelyn Cutler
    And Boston Marine’s Quenames, which passed the anchored Haggerty Girls
    Buchanan12 made a turn towards Manhattan to avoid the traffic and anchored vessels