Sugar, sugar

The Balsa 85 freighter sailed up the river on the flood tide this morning, heading for Yonkers with a load of sugar from the Dominican Republic. A sugar refinery has stood on the banks of the Hudson in Yonkers for over a 100 years, and currently processes sugar for the Domino brand, refining the raw product and packaging it for distribution all over the northeast. Raw sugar arrives by ship from foreign ports or on barges from Florida and leaves the plant in familiar looking yellow packaging by truck. A rail spur at the plant has not been used for many decades.

Balsa 85 heads for Yonkers with a load of imported sugar, passing a SUPer

In the photo of the Balsa 85 above you can also see a stand-up paddle boarder in the foreground, warmly dressed against the still sub-freezing temps and enjoying the winter sun and flat river. The second photo below shows the Ellen McCallister tug, which headed towards Yonkers ahead of the Balsa to help with docking at the plant.

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