Warmer Wednesday

Weather related backlogs seem to be clearing and traffic was quieter Wednesday. Reinauer Transportation kept its Articulated Tug/Barge (ATB) crews busy. ATBs are a married pair of a tug and a barge with a mechanical connection which means they do not have to be lashed together with lines as in more traditional setups.

Reinauer’s Nicole Leigh came through early in the morning, passing the Josephine which had dropped anchor at 72nd Street yesterday and the Dean which had anchored with an empty for a few hours closer to the bridge on the way back from Albany and Newburgh.

Later the Josephine weighed anchor and headed for the harbor, and the Dean headed down to Sewaren on the Arthur Kill to load a new cargo.

Josephine heads for the harbor

As the sun set, Kristy Ann Reinauer came through with a loaded barge heading north after making a stop at the Port Morris terminal in the Bronx.

Outside the Reinauer family, Moran Towing’s Barney Turecamo came through, heading for Bayonne after anchoring up near Yonkers overnight.

Barney Turecamo

And we saw the Vane Brothers’ Magothy again, returning to the Chevron Asphalt Terminal after yesterday’s run up to Newburgh.

Vane Brothers Magothy returning from Newburgh

As the sun sets, the anchorages are empty again, except for the Teresa which has been sitting here since the weekend.

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