The trend is your friend

Temperatures continue to trend warmer, giving us hope that the worst of winter is behind us.

The photo below shows the sun setting behind the Galaxy Apartments in Guttenberg New Jersey. The three Galaxy buildings went up in 1976, among the earliest towers built on that side of the river. The main entrances to the towers are on top of the Palisades cliffs, but the bases continue down to river level. River Road in Guttenberg now is developed with low rise condominiums, but back in 1976 this was a post-industrial wasteland, marked by railroad tracks and oil storage tanks. You can look on and see a 1979 aerial view of what this looked like back then:

On the left in the photo you can see two new towers more recently completed in Journal Square, Jersey City.

Sun setting behind the Galaxy Apartments in Guttenberg NJ

Meanwhile, the anchorages remain quiet, with only the Teresa in residence, as she has been since at least this past weekend, a relatively long period to wait for a cargo.

Teresa continues to wait at anchor across from 97th Street

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