Baltimore chop

The Timothy Reinauer came through this morning, heading up the Hudson with a loaded barge, and AIS trackers indicate this trip originated in Baltimore. This is relatively unusual flow as most fuel cargos that head up the Hudson are loaded at the pipeline and refinery terminals located on the Jersey side of the Arthur Kill. Its not clear why this particular shipment would flow this way but I would assume there is some technical price or pipeline capacity explanation.

Timothy Reinauer pushes a cargo from Baltimore up the river

Also on Saturday, the Vanes Brothers’ Fells Point returned from delivery in Peekskill and head for Brooklyn, passing a 24’(ish) sailboat heading upriver. Warm temperatures in the 50s and steady 13 knot west winds made for good conditions, allowing progress upriver despite the ebb tide.

Fells Point passes a sailboat

Late in the day, the Reinauer Twins tug came through returning with an empty barge from Newburgh.

The view looking towards the Mario Cuomo Bridge from Fort Tryon today

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