Tuesday blues

With winter maintaining its icy grip, the river has been devoid of weekday recreation, and commercial traffic has also been rather light. Dann Marine’s unusual looking Chesapeake Coast made an early departure for Philadelphia with an empty barge, having anchored overnight further up the river after making a delivery in Port Morris, The Bronx Monday. The tug is well-designed for pushing, with large “knees” in the bow, but was towing into the flood tide today for some reason. The Chesapeake got some attention in the industry press for its unique design when it was launched a little over 10 years ago:

The unusual looking Chesapeake Coast tows a barge down river

Later in the day, the Schuylkill, which also spent the night anchored in the river, also headed out with its empty oil can in front.

The Schuylkill heads down river

The DEP tankers continue to make their appointed rounds. The past two days have seen the Port Richmond servicing the North River treatment plant, making a circuit to and from the Wards Island plant.

The DEP’s Port Richmond heads for the Wards Island treatment plant

Sunset saw a pair of Blackhawk helicopters heading south. The mission was not visible on flight tracker aps so we do not know their origin or destination.

Military Blackhawks flying south

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