Warmer Wednesday

Warmer temperatures saw a few kayaks appear on the river, but commercial traffic remained rather light with not much cargo heading north. The tug St. Emilion returned last night from Albany with an empty barge and dropped anchor abeam of the Boat Basin, a bit south of the Teresa which continues to park here going on nearly two weeks now.

St. Emilion sits at anchor with an empty barge

The Emerald Coast made a loop up the river as far as Riverdale, having begun its day at the Inwood terminal off Jamaica Bay, near JFK, and then continued on to make a stop in Bayonne before heading for Brooklyn.

Emerald Coast makes a loop up the North River

The Vane Brothers’ Fort Schuyler passed us Tuesday evening heading for New Hamburg NY with a loaded barge, and then returned empty Wednesday, returning to base in Brooklyn.

Fort Schuyler passes the anchored St. Emilion on return from New Hamburg

Moving in the opposite direction, the Vane Brothers Chincoteague brought an empty barge up the river after discharging cargo in New Haven, and proceeded up to Yonkers to drop anchor.

Chincoteague brings an empty upriver after returning from New Haven

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