A brief taste of spring

Temperatures rose into the 60s Thursday, giving us a taste of spring before another cold front rolls in tomorrow. The warm weather brought a pod of kayakers with outriggers onto the river.

Outrigged kayaks on the river Thursday

Commercial traffic remains light and mostly comprised of tugs returning with empty barges. There have been some interesting cargo movements during evening hours, with the US flagged tug Bluefin pushing a cargo last night from the New Brunswick Canada refinery up to Albany. International cargos heading straight for Albany are unusual, and when they do occur they are more commonly on foreign flagged tankers rather than US-flagged barge and tugs.

The anchorages are getting more crowded now, with the Mako coming up from North Carolina and dropping anchor around 110th Street, the Morgan Reinauer anchored a bit further north after returning from Newburgh, and Janice Ann seemingly looking for a parking spot as well after returning from Albany. The St. Emilion continues here at anchor for a second day, and the Teresa has now been here going on at least two weeks

The DEP’s North River tanker passes the anchored Teresa and St. Emilion, hauling sludge from the North River plant to Ward’s Island for dewatering
Mako arrives with an empty barge from North Carolina
Janice Ann Reinauer returned from Albany, made a loop down in the harbor and headed back up river to anchor

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