Everybody left

Sunday morning saw a fairly clear river, with all the tub/barge combinations that had been anchored here during the storms over the past few days now back at work and even Pier 88 empty after the Norwegian Getaway set off on its Bahamas cruise, first making a stop in Norfolk, Virginia.

Only the Teresa and its empty barge remained at anchor on Sunday, and this vessel has now been parked here for over two weeks, an unusually long stay. I can only imagine this would be tough on the crew, although its possible a launch has brought out a relief crew at some point. At the very least, provisions would likely have to be sent over. As we have noted in the past, the Teresa is an unusual tugboat in that it is Liberian flagged, which means it might not be legally eligible to undertake the typical trade between US ports that most tugboats we see do. The vessel is also notable because it is not owned by one of the large marine transport companies but rather appears to be the property of Unico Commodities, a commodity trading firm. It will be interesting to see what her next port of call is when she finally leaves us.

Teresa is all alone again

It seemed a bit cold and excessively windy still for a sail in a small sailboat, but these guys appeared up for it, operating with no jib rigged as far as I could see.

An NYPD launch passes a small sailboat heading downwind

Morgan Reinauer, which had been anchored in the river on Friday, picked up an oil products cargo in Bayonne and headed upriver for Newburgh.

Morgan Reinauer with a loaded barge heading for Newburgh
A ring-billed gull operating north of the Boat Basin

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