Another storm coming

With another winter storm set to strike, Thursday saw a handful of cargos moving upriver. The Vane Brothers Philadelphia came through with a loaded barge, as did the Evelyn Cutler.

The tug Philadelphia pushes a loaded barge upriver

The Teresa, now in its third week at anchor here, got some company as the Cape Canaveral arrived overnight after a delivery in Providence and dropped anchor. The two tugs are similar looking and once served the same company before the Teresa, which is an older boat, was sold.

Cape Canaveral has anchored about half a mile south of Teresa

Mister Jim came through pushing a hopper with what looks like gravel or aggregate down from its home port of Coeymans, just 2 days after pushing a load of asphalt millings upriver.

Mister Jim with a hopper full of gravel or aggregate

Coast Guard Cutter Katherine Walker, a buoy tender, headed back to base in Bayonne after spending a few days up near Kingston.

Katherine Walker passes Cape Canaveral heading back to Bayonne
A military transport turboprop passed overhead in the afternoon

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