Heavy lift

Donjon Marine tugs came down the river this morning heading for Port of Elizabeth with an interesting cargo—a massive crane on a barge, lashed to another barge with a large generator, with one tug pulling and another pushing the combination. According to the Port of Albany’s Twitter feed ( https://twitter.com/portofalbany/status/1498696319648546821?s=21 ), the 785,000 pound GE generator was loaded on the barge in Albany and will be transferred to a container vessel for shipping overseas. US exports in action.

Donjon Marine heads for the port with a huge crane and GE generator

Later, Dann Marine brought an empty cement barge up the river, likely heading for the big Lafarge Cement plant on the Hudson in Ravenna New York.

Dann Marine with an empty cement barge heading for Ravenna NY

The tug Schuylkill came up the river with an empty-looking oil barge lashed “to the hip”. The combination headed up to Yonkers and looks to have anchored up there.

Schuylkill with a barge on the hip prepares to pass the ever-present Teresa

A Coast Guard MH22 Dolphin made a loop up the river at just about 200 feet off the deck, with its wheels still down.

Coast Guard Dolphin helicopter making a low run up the river

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