Keeping busy

There was a lot of Reinauer activity this morning, with Kristy Ann and Curtis dropping anchor with empty barges after completing runs up to Boston and Bridgeport and Ruth arriving later in the morning. By end of day, Curtis had already headed back to the Arthur Kill to pick up a new cargo.

Kristy Ann arrives in the North River from Boston
Curtis Reinauer AT/B arrives from Bridgeport
Ruth Reinauer makes it a hat trick

Donjon Marine was providing its usual service at Pier 99, hauling residential paper waste for recycling into cardboard boxes at Pratt Industries in Staten Island.

Donjon Marine takes out the recycling

The DEP’s Red Hook tanker was servicing the North River sewage plants, loading residual solid waste to be dewatered at the Hunts Point plant.

DEP’s Red Hook heads for Hunts Point with a load of sludge

Late in the day, Coast Guard icebreaking tug Sturgeon Bay anchored near 72nd Street, the first time in a while that we have seen a cutter anchor in the river.

Coast Guard icebreaker anchored in the North River

A military Chinook helicopter flew down the river just before sundown. FlightRadar24 shows it originating north of Peekskill and continuing out through the narrows and then running along the south shore of Long Island.

Chinook over the river

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