A bargeload of sugar arrived from Florida Saturday morning, heading for the Yonkers Domino plant with Dann Marine pushing and a second tug following to help docking. Sugar for the Yonkers plant originating in US ports is transported by US-flagged tugs and barges, whereas sugar coming from Mexico, Central America and Caribbean ports arrives in bulk carrier ships.

Dann Marine pushes a load of sugar towards Yonkers

Ruth Reinauer weighed anchor and headed down to Erie Basin in Brooklyn with its barge.

Ruth Reinauer leaving the river

A tug came through pushing a float of barges with gravel or aggregate from an upstate quarry, fighting a flood tie.

Quarry output moves south
Kayakers and paddle borders took to the river despite cold temps
Red Hook was servicing the North River plant, running to Hunts Point

Away from the North River, a trip to Randall’s Island caught a Dann Marine tug pushing a cement barge through Hell Gate heading towards the Holcim cement terminal at College Point Queens after a stop at a Lafarge facility in Brooklyn.

Cement barge moving through Hell Gate

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