Back to the 80s

Away from the river for a bit so its time for a throwback to the late 1980s. Here the old Cunard QE2 leaves Pier 88 with some help from Margaret Moran. Built in the 1960s, this version of the QE2 had the lines more of an old ocean liner than a modern cruise ship. She crossed the Atlantic for many years and served as a troop carrier in the Falklands War, coming back renovated and with a new paint job.

Margaret Moran helps QE2 leave Pier 88 in the late 1980s.

This QE2 has been out of service now since 2008 and has been converted to a floating hotel in Dubai. Margaret Moran, on the other hand, continues to work in New York Harbor. Built in 1979 (see ), Margaret is currently in Port of Elizabeth helping the container ship MSC Susanna arriving from Israel to dock according to MarineTraffic. Margaret rarely visits Pier 88 now, as modern cruise ships can leave their docks without assists, maneuvering with propellers on pods that can rotate or face perpendicularly to the bow, but the container port provides plenty of work.

Margaret Moran helping a container ship to dock this morning in Elizabeth. Source: MarineTraffic

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  1. […] USCGC Sutphin passing Jersey City on the way out of town Margaret Moran made a rare foray up the river to visit the Pier 76. We saw her assisting the old QE2 back in the 1980s at Pier 88 (see Back to the 80s) […]

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  2. […] of that same tug assisting the old QE2 leaving the same pier. I have posted this picture before in Back to the 80s but this is a good excuse to once again share what is most certainly the first photo I ever took of […]

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