Later daylight

Daylight savings time means more opportunity to observe traffic late in the day on the river. Tuesday saw Buchanan12 pushing a float of empty hoppers at slack tide heading back up to the Tilcon quarry at Clinton Point. In the photo, the FDNY’s 27’ Marine 1a small boat passes heading downriver towards its Chelsea headquarters.

FDNY’s Marine 1a passes Buchanan12 heading back to quarry for more rocks

An NYPD launch was also in the vicinity at this time.

NYPD patrol boat

Slack tide saw the ever-present Teresa and the Bert Reinauer facing different directions ahead of sundown.

Teresa and Bert swing differently at slack tide

Fort Schuyler came through with an empty barge, returning from a delivery to the fuel depot at New Hamburg NY.

Fort Schuyler with an empty oil can

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