Burning off the fog

Saturday morning started out in dense fog once again, but the haze had burned off by late morning, giving way to a sunny and warm afternoon. Air temperatures rose into the 60s, but the water remains cold in the mid 40s range.

The long-term resident Teresa looms at its anchorage in the fog
A flotilla of kayakers and SUPers
Mr. Jim comes down from Coeymans with empty hoppers

The tugboat Frances headed upstate with an empty scow. According to tugboatinfo.com http://www.tug44.org/tugboats.trawlers/tug-frances/ , Frances is a veteran, built in 1959 and currently operated by Marine Highway of Troy NY. Long may you run!

The venerable Frances heads north with a scow

A Coast Guard boat was in the river in the afternoon and appeared to be conducting some type of drill with a life ring in the water. The Coast Guard refers to all its vessels smaller than 65’ in length as “boats”, as opposed to “cutters”, which are over 65’ in length.

Coast Guard boat retrieves a life ring
Morgan Reinauer pushed for Albany with a barge loaded in Cateret

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