Importing cement

A short trip away from the North River found the Panama-flagged NACC New Yorker unloading cement at the McInnis Cement depot in Oak Point in the Bronx, on the northeastern end of the East River before it becomes Long Island Sound. McInnis manufactures cement at a plant on the end of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec, near limestone quarries it also owns there. The cement is brought to US ports for distribution in foreign flagged vessels like this one, which are not typically seen on the North River. In contrast, Lafarge Cement manufactures from a large plant up the Hudson in Ravenna, New York, and sends the product to market in New York City on Jones Act compliant U.S. flagged barges and tugs provided by Dann Marine. Those barges can frequently be seen passing through.

NACC New Yorker unloads cement at Oak Point in the Bronx
Another view of the New Yorker at Oak Point

Meanwhile, cooler temperatures and blustery winds saw relatively little activity on the North River Sunday. The Norwegian Gem made its usual Sunday morning arrival and mid-afternoon departure from Pier 88 and is now heading back to San Juan. The Ruth Reinauer dropped anchor a bit north of the long-term resident Teresa.

Unico Teresa and Ruth Reinauer at anchor with their barges

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