Landing craft find new purpose

Two repurposed landing craft passed through the North River today, apparently having found new missions in the marine construction industry. The first was under its own power and had no visible markings on the bow and was not reporting information on AIS so we cannot identify it. It appeared to be an old landing craft with a more modern pilot house added. The second was being pushed by a tug, which also was not visible on AIS trackers, but still has its navy numbers painted on the bow. Landing craft 1657 was a Utility Landing Craft launched in 1971. It probably never saw any action, but you can see photos of it participating in drills on this site: . According to the Navsource site, it was sold at GSA auction in 2020.

Unknown construction vessel which looks like a modified landing craft
The former Utility Landing Craft 1657 being pushed upriver

The Coast Guard 65’ harbor tug Hawser, which spent the night anchored near the bridge, passed by early in the day heading for the Bayonne Coast Guard station. Later in the morning, the cutter Sycamore, a buoy tender, also headed south towards Sandy Hook having started the day up near Poughkeepsie.

USCGC Hawser returns to its Bayonne base
USCG buoy tender Sycamore heads for Sandy Hook

Ruth Reinauer remained at anchor in the river, just a bit north of the ever-present Teresa. The Vanes Brothers Nanticoke and the Saint Emilion passed them in the afternoon with loaded barges heading for Albany.

Nanticoke and Saint Emilion pass the anchored Teresa and Ruth Reinauer
Nanticoke pushing a loaded barge for Albany

Late in the day, Buchanan12 came through with hoppers full of stone from the Tilcon quarry in Clinton Point south of Poughkeepsie. In the background are visible the domes of St. Michael’s Monastery Church in Union City, built in 1875 as a Catholic church and now home to a Korean Presbyterian congregation (see ) and, to the left, the steeple of St. Joseph’s church, the current home to St. Joseph and Michael’s Catholic parish church in Union City.

Buchanan12 pushes a load of stone past the Weehawken ferry terminal below and the spires of Union City on top of the cliff above

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