Back in the fog

The wind swung around to the northeast Thursday and brought in wet weather and more fog, not ideal conditions for river traffic and even less ideal for photographing river traffic. The DEP’s Red Hook sludge tanker came through early, servicing the North River sewage plant and ferrying residual solids to the Hunts Point plant for dewatering. Red Hook was trailed by about 1/2 mile by the tug boat Susquehanna, coming through with an empty oil can lashed to the hip. Susquehanna went on to anchor north of the bridge off Riverdale.

DEP’s Red Hook heads for North River plant trailed by Susquehanna

Mackenzie Rose came through with two empty and one loaded hoppers after traveling up to Coeymans overnight and headed for the Greenville anchorage off Jersey City and then a dock in Brooklyn.

Mackenzie Rose heads for Jersey City after a round trip up north
Corps of Engineers tug Gelberman passed West New York, made a loop up to the bridge and then returned to its Bayonne base.
Mr. Jim returned from Coeymans with an empty hopper

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