Westerly winds

Brisk west winds brought occasional rain squalls but mostly sunny skies on Saturday. Sewage does not pause for the weekend unfortunately, and the DEP’s Red Hook continued its appointed rounds servicing the North River plant and ferrying sludge to the Hunts Point plant for dewatering. The structure visible above the middle of the tanker is the Weehawken Water Tower built in 1883 (see https://www.brownstoner.com/upstate/weehawken-water-tower-new-jersey-hackensack-water-company/).

DEP’s Red Hook cruises past Weehawken
Kimberly Poling pushed a loaded barge from the Sunoco Logistics pipeline terminal in Newark, passing the 1957 vintage Francis with empty hoppers.
Dean Reinauer has been at anchor near Grant’s Tomb for the past two days, north of the long-term resident Teresa
Vane Brothers Jacksonville left the river with an empty barge after anchoring overnight
Evelyn Cutler pushed a loaded barge from Bayonne heading for Albany

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