No March lamb yet

March is showing no lamb-like characteristics yet, as a wicked west wind continues to blow, temperatures are plunging and an arctic blast is expected. By the end of Sunday, snow flurries were occurring and traffic on the river was light. Dean Reinauer weighed anchor in the early hours and headed to Perth Amboy for new cargo. Dean was replaced by Janice Ann Reinauer, which returned from Newburgh and dropped anchor off 72nd Street, about a mile south of the long-term resident Teresa.

Janice Ann Reinauer anchored in front of the Galaxy buildings of Guttenberg
Teresa and the bridge

The Norwegian Getaway was back in town in the morning, returning from its weekly run to the Bahamas. The Getaway and the Norwegian Gem, which does weekly runs to the Caribbean, have been the only ships visiting Pier 88 regularly this winter. Getaway had got away again by mid-afternoon, running ahead of the drop in temperatures back towards Florida and the Bahamas.

Norwegian Getaway pokes out from behind the DSNY’s Pier 99

The hybrid duck couple remain residents in the Boat Basin ghost town. No word yet on when construction (destruction) will begin there.

Mr and Mrs Hybrid Duck patrol the empty Boat Basin

A pair of low flying Huey type helicopters came through late in the day. They were too low from FlightRadar24 but their colors did not look military, perhaps law enforcement of some kind.

Helicopters flew over the Janice Ann heading south
With ambiguous markings

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