Winter takes another bite

Sub-freezing temperatures and winds whipping out of the northwest made for unpleasant conditions to start the week and activity on the river remained light. City workers and city contractors were busy hauling away weekend detritus, as the DEP’s Red Hook hauled sludge away from the North River plant to Hunts Point for dewatering and Donjon Marine brought an empty scow to Pier 99 to be loaded with paper waste for recycling into boxes at the Pratt mill on Staten Island.

The Red Hook loaded and heading for Hunts Point
Empty scow delivery for DSNY at Pier 99

Buchanan12 pushed empty hoppers back up to Clinton Point to pick up more rock. Which is more amazing, the endless supply of rock that can be quarried day after day, year after year up there or the insatiable demand that brings so many tons of rock south nearly every day?

Buchanan12 going back for more rocks

The long-term resident tug Teresa, now here for many weeks, received a water delivery from a supply vessel the Samantha Miller.

Delivery heading for the Teresa

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