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Temperatures crept back above freezing on Tuesday but the biting northwest wind continued to blow keeping recreational activity on the river to a minimum and even commercial traffic was rather light. Most of the action Tuesday was in the air. A pair of Air Force C130 transports made two loops up the river. They were too low to appear on FlightRadar24 more than sporadically, so we cannot tell where they originated or where they were heading. Earlier, a Blackhawk helicopter originating at MacArthur Airport in Islip with what looked like external fuel tanks mounted made a loop up the river past the bridge, circled the Statue of Liberty and then headed back for Islip. MacArthur is the home of the New York Army National Guard 3rd Battalion’s 142nd Aviation Regiment. Presumably this was a training mission with a bit of light sight seeing thrown in.

Air Force C130Hs take a trip up the North River at low altitude
Army National Guard Blackhawk with external fuel tanks tours the river

Back on the water, Janice Ann Reinauer came through with a loaded barge pushing for Albany, passing Pier 99 and a NY Waterway ferry heading for midtown.

Janice Ann Reinauer pushing for Albany past Pier 99

The NY Waterway’s weekday Engelwood ferry was making its morning rounds and Coast Guard Cutter Sturgeon Bay was heading upstate. Susan Rose arrived with a light barge and anchored, while Buchanan12 made its daily delivery from the quarry.

The Englewood ferry passes the Galaxy buildings in Guttenberg
USCGC Sturgeon Bay heads north for the day
Susan Rose entered the river and dropped anchor near 120th Street
Susan Rose at anchor south of the bridge
Buchanan12 made its daily run from the Clinton Point quarry…
…and then went back for more
The Boat Basin remains a ghost town, with even the ducks lying low today

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