Heading back to work

Northeast winds brought periodic rain to the river on Sunday. The big Reinauer jamboree in the North River broke up, with Haggerty Girls making an early departure and heading for the company dock in Staten Island, Kristy Ann making a morning run down to the IMTT Terminal in Bayonne, and Dean also heading in that direction. By the end of the day, only the Curtis remained.

Curtis Reinauer and the Teresa at anchor
Dean passes Weehawken and a ferry en route to Bayonne

The Norwegian Epic had left us after sundown on Saturday and was replaced at Pier 88 by the smaller Norwegian Breakaway, arriving at sunrise. The Breakaway made its usual quick turnaround and was on its way back south by 16:00, heading for Florida and the Bahamas. After this trip, the Breakaway will be switching things up and making a couple of runs to Bermuda.

Norwegian Getaway at Pier 88

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