Some less frequent visitors

Northeast winds and intermittent rain arrived on Wednesday and anchorages have filled up again somewhat ahead of more bad weather tomorrow, though with AT/Bs less frequently seen on the North River. Cape Lookout arrived early with an empty barge from Providence and dropped anchor at around 70th Street and was later joined by Adeline Marie which anchored between Cape Lookout and the Teresa.

Adeline Marie briefly was leased by Unico Commodities, the same company listed as registered owner of Teresa (though a sale of Teresa appears to be in process) and operated under the name Rubia, but that arrangement ended last year according to and Rubia became Adeline. Cape Lookout is owned by Kirby, which is also a former owner of Teresa, again according to . Meanwhile, Dean Reinauer returned from Newburgh and dropped anchor north of the bridge. By the end of the day, Lookout had left us and headed down to the harbor, but was replaced by Kristin Polling with its barge Eva Leigh Cutler, returning from New Haven and headed further upriver to anchor.

Adeline Marie and the Teresa anchored, with Dean Reinauer faintly visible beyond the GWB
Army Engineers boat passes Cape Lookout at slack tide
Eva Leigh arriving from New Haven with her empty barge

Barbara Carol Ann Moran, another tug we do not see often here, came through with what might have been a partially loaded barge, arriving from the Delaware River and heading for Albany, a somewhat atypical movement for oil products.

Barbara Carol Ann passes Cape Lookout heading for Albany
A J80 with no foresail rigged passing the Lincoln Tunnel vents

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