More rain

A low pressure system has camped out over New York, sucking in moisture and rain for a second day. There was a bit of northbound traffic worth noting in the morning. The Janice Ann Reinauer came through with a loaded barge from Bayonne heading to Newburgh.

Janice Ann pushing for Newburgh, passing anchored Adeline M. and Teresa

Captain Dann came through pulling a large Weeks Marine crane, with a tug owned by Weeks also pushing from behind. By the end of the day they had passed the Bear Mountain Bridge and still seemed to be underway.

Pushing and pulling a big crane upriver

Weather steadily deteriorated into the afternoon. Dann Marine’s Coral Cost, which started the day in Flushing Bay, came through with an empty cement barge heading back to the Lafarge plant in Ravenna and overtook the Evelyn Cutler pushing product loaded in Cateret towards Albany.

Empty cement barge overtakes loaded oil can

Municipal services continued to operate, with Donjon Marine moving paper for recycling to Staten Island, with the cargo presumably arriving pretty wet. The DEP’s Rockaway tanker was servicing the North River plant for a change, instead of the Red Hook which has been doing the honors recently.

Paper heads through the fog for recycling
DEP’s Rockaway loaded with sludge being overtaken by the Edgewater ferry
Adeline Marie and Teresa at anchor in the fog
Pier i cafe will open for the season tomorrow according to a worker

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