Spring at last?

Thursday ended with heavy rain, fog and lightening, but skies cleared Friday and temperatures rose. There was a lot of activity on the river, both commercial and recreational and I was able to get on the river myself for the first time in months, though not with much time for photography. I was happy to be ON the river but would not want to be IN the river today, with Thursday’s heavy rain keeping a strong out current overwhelming the flood tide and likely carrying a lot of nasty runoff and combined sewer overflow with it. The DEP’s site (https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dep/water/waterbody-advisories.page ) showed no combined sewer overflows in the Hudson itself on Thursday but did show overflow in the Harlem, Bronx River and Gowanus, and what is happening upstate from New York City is anyone’s guess.

A beautiful day on the river

Kimberly Polling came up the river with a loaded barge from Bayonne, made a big loop in the river at about Pier 99 and then headed back south, around the Battery and then headed through Hell Gate and up the Sound. A strange routing, perhaps reflecting a need to let traffic clear the East River.

Kimberly Polling pushing a loaded barge south after making a loop
Janice Ann Reinauer returning from Newburgh with an empty barge, passing Weehawken
What a contrast with Thursday night! A bulker heads through the fog for Albany, sounding its horn in 60 second intervals

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