Vale Teresa!

Teresa has left the building. The tug/barge combination that has been anchored in the North River for several months pulled up its hook at around midday and headed to sea, currently moving south down the Jersey Shore with no clear destination signaled on AIS. The reasons for the Teresa’s extended residence were never completely clear, but the ship was subject to a legal dispute and it is understood a sale is in process or perhaps has been completed to a new owner. The tug may also be reflagged back to US registry now, but MarineTraffic is still showing the Liberian flag. Today’s departure leaves the North River empty of anchored AT/Bs for the first time in months, with the river looking clear up to Kingston.

Teresa heading south, source: MarineTraffic

Meanwhile, the Norwegian Gem arrived at Pier 88 in the morning and was turned around to leave by the end of the day and heading for Bermuda. Barbara Carol Ann Moran, which we saw pushing a lightly loaded barge up to Albany two days ago, came through empty heading for the harbor and perhaps continuing on to the Delaware River (the South River for the old Dutch) where she came from.

Norwegian Gem and a bunkering barge at Pier 88
Barbara Carol Ann Moran follows Norwegian Gem towards the harbor as storm clouds threaten

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