Still cold

It does not feel like spring yet, with temperatures below 50 and tough northwest wind. The anchorages looked strangely empty Sunday morning with the Teresa having left us, though Curtis Reinauer would arrive and anchor in the afternoon.

Nobody home

The Vane Brothers’ Fort McHenry pushed a loaded barge from Linden NJ heading upriver in the morning. Afternoon saw the Stephen B pushing a very small loaded tank barge upriver.

Stephen B with a small loaded tanker barge

Hoppers were moving in both directions, with Robert Burton towing some empty Buchanan Marine barges north, probably heading for the Clinton Point quarry, and Mr. Jim coming through with barges loaded with large rocks and gravel from Coeymans.

Robert Burton towing empty Buchanan hoppers north
Mr. Jim pushing rocks south, passing anchored Curtis Reinauer at slack tide

Norwegian Getaway arrived early at Pier 88 and was still there at 17:00 but scheduled to follow the Gem to Bermuda today.

Norwegian Getaway at Pier 88

One response to “Still cold”

  1. Looks like Teresa’s long vacation is over. Marinetraffic shows her “Pushing Ahead – Towing” off Georgia, headed for the Bahamas. Probably not for a vacation. The river here looks empty without her — especially at night, when her barge was always lit up as if for a dance party.

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