Farewell Friesland

The Dutch naval patrol ship visiting at the south side of Pier 88 made an early departure with an assist from a McCallister tug. By the end of the day she was motoring east at 15 knots, signaling a return to the Netherlands on AIS after spending the past 3 months on patrol in the Dutch Antilles.

Dutch navy ship heads for home, passing the Norwegian Gem at anchor. Bayonne Bridge visible in the haze in the far distance

The Norwegian Gem was back from a 5-day trip to Bermuda and tied up on the north side of Pier 88. She is scheduled to head down to the Caribbean this afternoon. There seems to be some dredging and other work happening around the terminal this week.

Work tugs tied up on the north side of Pier 90 while the Gem looms up from Pier 88
The DEP’s Red Hook was servicing the North River plant today
Haggerty Girls pushing a loaded barge upriver
Water birds enjoy low tide on the remnants of New York Central’s Pier C
Brant geese operating north of Pier 99

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