Hello from the other side

The weekend has brought perfect spring temperatures, though with a steady wind coming in from the south keeping things choppy during ebb tides, especially on Friday. A trip to New Jersey can provide a Western perspective on the North River. Below, the Haggerty Girls pushes an empty tanker barge from Albany under the George Washington Bridge, followed by the Dean Reinauer returning from Albany.

Haggerty Girls passing under the GWB as seen from Fort Lee
Dean Reinauer passing Fort Tryon Park
Carolina Coast leaving Yonkers after delivering a sugar barge to the Domino plant. Nodine Hill water tower visible above
Moran Towing’s Jennifer Turecamo at anchor off Riverdale

Closer to home, recreational boaters are beginning to appear more frequently as temperatures rise. An outrigged canoer was seen fighting a flood tide heading back towards her boat house and several 24’ sailboats were on the river.

A canoer hard at work near Pier i
Keel boat heading up river on a starboard tack
Work boats involved in dredging the passenger ship terminal at anchor Saturday south of the Federal anchorage area

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