Back to the river

Clearing skies and warmer temperatures saw activity on the river continue to pick up. The knot of tugs anchored in the river broke up, with only Stephen Reinauer remaining.

Stephen Reinauer alone at anchor Wednesday morning

What looked to me like a juvenile bald eagle passed over Pier i in the early hours, being harassed by a crow. The eagle was followed a few hours later by a different kind of bird, with two pairs of Marine Osprey aircraft flying north, or the same pair making two loops. They were too low to show up on FlightRadar24.

Juvenile bald eagle over Pier i Wednesday morning
Marine V-22 Osprey flying north

The low-slung J Arnold Witte came through pushing empty hoppers towards Albany, followed by Buchanan 12 making its usual rounds and returning empties to the Clinton Point quarry. Meanwhile, DonJon Marine moved a load of paper out of Pier 99 and headed for the Pratt recycling facility in Staten Island.

J Arnold Witte heading for Albany
Buchanan 12 surrounded by its flock
Paper waste heading for Staten Island and recycling

Empty tanker barges were heading south and loaded barges heading north as usual. A 30,000 ton cargo ship headed towards Coeymans, arriving from Veracruz, Mexico. Late in the day, a group of six buses caught fire in a parking lot off Route 3 in the Meadowlands, sending a plume of smoke over Weehawken.

Saint Emilion returning with an empty barge from Albany
Schuylkill headed in the opposite direction with a loaded barge
The Chipolbrok Sun heading for Coeymans, passing a Circle Liner
A bus fire in the Meadowlands sent a plume of smoke over Weehawken
A mallard took sun on top of a combine sewer overflow structure

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