April cruising

The dredging operations at the passenger ship terminal moved aside on Sunday and were replaced by two Norwegian ships and the smaller Ocean Explorer cruise ship. The Norwegian Gem and Getaway were both in port Sunday morning, and were heading out Sunday night for Portugal and Halifax, respectively, a break from the Bermuda and Caribbean runs they have been doing all winter. The Ocean Explorer is a smaller cruise ship which was new last year and in town for the first time this year. It headed for Newport by Sunday evening.

Norwegian Getaway heading for Nova Scotia Sunday afternoon; Norwegian Gem’s stack is visible to the left above the Pier 99 transfer station

A nice looking ketch was anchored north of the Boat Basin flying a French flag. There are no mooring balls in this year because the Boat Basin is closed for reconstruction, although they might not be in this early in the year anyway even in normal circumstances. In the background was the Mako with its barge, which has been anchored in the river since yesterday.

A ketch anchored north of the Boat Basin with Mako in the background

“A Dock”, the recreational pier at the Boat Basin rebuilt after Hurricane Sandy, opened as usual for the season on April 1, despite the rest of the docks of the marina being closed for the next few years.

Cherry Blossoms in bloom behind the closed Boat Basin Marina
A double-crested cormorant dried its wings on “dolphins” protecting A Dock
Dann Marine’s East Coast headed back to Yonkers after refueling in Elizabeth, heading to retrieve the sugar barge it left up there yesterday
Saint Emilion headed for Albany with what looks like a partially loaded barge

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