Another windy Wednesday

Brisk northwest winds kept recreational activity to a minimum on Wednesday, but there was a fair amount of commercial traffic. The cargo ship BBC Rushmore came up the river early, arriving from Newfoundland, Canada and heading for the Port of Albany.

BBC Rushmore heading for Albany

Over at the Boat Basin, a work boat from the Miller’s Launch was busy loading the mooring balls and anchors stored on the dock. With the Boat Basin shuttered, there will be no moorings in place this summer, as there would be no staff there to manage them and, more importantly, no place to park a dinghy.

Removing mooring balls and anchors stored at the Boat Basin

The Mako AT/B which has been at anchor since Saturday hit the 96 hour Coast Guard limit for North River anchorages and headed out of town, currently steaming down the Jersey Shore. On the way out, she passed Janice Ann Reinauer pushing a barge loaded in Perth Amboy up to Albany.

Mako and its barge getting underway
Mako passes Janice Ann with a heavy barge and a Port Imperial ferry

The Weddell Sea arrived from Baltimore towing an empty barge towards the end of the ebb tide, an usual configuration and routing. They went on to anchor north of the Bridge.

Weddell Sea towing an empty barge
Weddell Sea passing the Harbor Patrol
Douglas J still working the dredge site
Sail boat and its warmly dressed crew only needed a foresail and an ebb tide to move downriver in today’s strong winds
The midday view from Little Island Park at Pier 55

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