Friday is for the birds

Brisk northwest winds continued for a third day and kept recreational boaters at bay, but the birds were out in force. A bald eagle flew over Pier i in the morning, pursued by crows.

A bald eagle with a crow shadow over Pier i

Meanwhile, back on the ground, the first of the spring goslings emerged in Riverside Park, perhaps a tempting snack for the eagle overhead.

Spring goslings have arrived

Mechanical birds were also in evidence. A Coast Guard Dolphin made a loop up the river in the morning. The afternoon brought an Army Blackhawk flying from Lakehurst NJ up to Schenectady County Airport which is home to the 109th Airlift Wing of the NY Air National Guard. The Blackhawk was followed by a dual rotor Chinook heading up the Hudson from Maryland.

A Coat Guard Dolphin passes the towers of West New York
Army Blackhawk heading for Syracuse from Lakehurst NJ
Chinook heading north

The Coast Guard was also at work on the river, with three 29’ Fast Response Boats seen heading north separately and then returning together.

USCG 29’ boat heading north

Commercial traffic was also heavy heading into the weekend, while the dredging activity at the passenger terminal continued.

Cape Henry headed for Bayonne IMTT after anchoring overnight in the river
Dredging barge with Jersey City Journal Square towers in the background
A dredging barge is maneuvered mid-river as a ferry passes
Weeks Marine brought a crane downriver from its worksite by the Amtrak Spuyten Duyvil swing bridge
DonJon Marine brings a DSNY scow to Pier 99 for loading
Evelyn Cutler pushed for Albany with a barge loaded at Buckeye’s Raritan Bay terminal, passing a hopper being towed downriver and down the coast
Balico’s Navigator with an empty barge coming down river
The distinctive Discovery Coast with its high tower and big “knees” came through light heading north
Buchanan12 pushed a heavy lash up of hoppers down from the Tilcon quarry in Clinton Point

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