Spring Tuesday

Warmer weather and fairly light winds made for nice conditions, with winds out of the northwest swinging around to the south by the end of the day. AT/B traffic on the river was fairly heavy in the afternoon.

Vane Brothers Magothy pushed a barge from the Chevron Asphalt Plant on the Arthur Kill heading for Albany in the afternoon
Charles Burton, still in Vane colors but with the V painted out and now owned by Coeymans Marine came through with an empty hopper
The DEP’s Red Hook headed for the North River plant to load sludge for
de-watering at the Passaic Valley plant in Newark
A Corps of Engineers workboat was heading down river
Mud scows continued to be hauled away from dredging operations at Pier 88
Twenty four foot keelboats fought the ebb tide
A photo from Monday afternoon: Wagenborg’s Edenborg brought a load of wood pulp for upstate paper mills from Sweden

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