Sun breaking through again

It started as a chilly and rainy morning, but by afternoon the rain had stopped, ball fields were reopening and the sun was trying to break through. Dann Marine’s Neptune came up the river light, heading the Yonkers Domino Sugar plant where she likely assisted Margery in docking a sugar barge which the latter had brought up from New Orleans, passing New York City well before daybreak. Afterwards, both the Neptune and Margery headed back down the river to Erie Basin in Brooklyn. Overall river traffic seemed a bit light.

Neptune heading to assist in docking a sugar barge in Yonkers
Margery heading down to Brooklyn without her barge

Sarah D came down river with a load of stone, heading for the Lafarge dock in Brooklyn.

Sarah D being overtaken by the Edgewater Ferry
Corps of Engineers on patrol for hazards in the rain
A paddle boarder ventures out as the sun breaks through
Mallards keep one foot warm as they wait out the rain on a sewage overflow shed

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