Friday washout

Thursday’s perfect conditions gave way to a Friday washout, with soaking rains cancelling ball games. Things will get worse before they get better, with winds set to pick up on Saturday. Commercial traffic on the river remained heavy even as recreational boaters stayed dry.

Dean Reinauer pushed a load from Kinder Morgan to Newburgh
Quenames was moving in the opposite direction, bringing an empty back from Newburgh to the Arthur Kill
Mako brought an empty up from the harbor and anchored off 72nd Street
Cape Henry, also a Kirby tug, left its anchorage off Riverdale and headed for the Kill
Some, but not all, of the dredging equipment which has been working at the passenger terminal, headed back to the DonJon base in Newark
Sarah Ann brought a load of scrap metal from Sims Metal in Albany down to the Sims dock in Jersey City

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