A Saturday drencher

Drenching rain and high winds persisted for most of the day, keeping recreational boaters off the river. Walkers were in evidence through the morning though, as the annual Great Saunter, a 32-mile walk around the entire circumference of Manhattan went on as scheduled. You can read more about that in my article on it today in the West Side Rag .

Walkers taking part in the Great Saunter get some respite from the rain under the West Side Highway

The DEP also remained hard at work as always, with the Red Hook tanker servicing the North River plant and hauling sludge to the centrifuges in Hunts Point. It seemed North River might not have been able to keep up with supply today, with DEP advising of possible combined sewer overflows on the Hudson, which is thankfully not common for the Hudson in NYC even in periods of heavy rain.

Red Hook heading for the North River plant to load sludge

Tanker traffic showed little sign of being impacted by the foul weather Saturday. Only the Mako was anchored in the North River, having arrived Friday, and at least one loaded AT/B was seen heading north.

Mako anchored against the ebb tide Saturday morning
Dace Reinauer with a loaded barge heading north in the fog and rain
Saint Emilion was heading in the other direction with an empty

Another cargo of domestic sugar was heading for Yonkers, with Carolina Coast bringing a barge from Palm Beach just days after a previous load arrived. For whatever economic or logistical reason, Domino seems to be sourcing its sugar domestically via Jones Act-compliant barges of late. We have not seen an international cargo arrive since February 6.

More sugar heading for Yonkers
The domestic hybrid mallards at home in the empty Boat Basin Saturday

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