Mothers’ Day Improvement

Conditions improved steadily over the course of Mothers’ Day after the drenching of the past few days. The morning saw three AT/Bs at anchor in the river: the Mako and Haggerty Girls remain for a second day, and the Jacksonville arrived in the early hours of the morning from Port Jefferson and anchored near Grant’s Tomb. By the end of the day, Jacksonville had moved down to the Bayway terminal for a new cargo but Mako and Haggerty Girls remained. A number of tankers and hopper barges moved through over the course of the day.

Jacksonville and Haggerty Girls at anchor Sunday morning
Saint Emilion heads for Albany passing the anchored Mako; the heavy ebb after the weekend rain creates a bow wave even on the anchored barge
Mister Jim heads back north with some hoppers…
…at some point passing his Coeymans Marine colleagues on Daisy May coming the other direction
Cape Henry left her overnight anchorage off Riverdale and headed for Bayonne after passing her Kirby colleagues on Mako
Kimberly Polling returned from Albany and headed for Cateret
Quenames returned from Newburgh with its barge “on the hip”
Norwegian Joy was heading out for another run to Bermuda

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