Perfect Monday

Terrific conditions arrived Monday though by the end of the day the wind was picking up again. Tanker and hopper traffic on the river remained heavy.

Kimberly Polling loaded its barge up at Cateret and headed back up to Albany
Coeymans Marine’s Mackenzie Rose came through with loaded hoppers for Bayonne
Genesis Victory pushed a barge up to 145th Street and anchored
Mako, at anchor off 72nd Street since Saturday, pulled up its hook and headed for the Arthur Kill and then Bayonne
A Reinauer AT/B came down the North River and headed for the Narrows, passing a large sailboat enjoying a good northeast wind
Carolina Coast headed south light after a run up to Yonkers, presumably to maneuver the sugar barge it brought there Saturday
Corps of Engineers boats were busy on the river as usual
A small cruise ship Silver Cloud is tied up on the south side of Pier 88. The Cloud is an Antarctic cruise ship but is making a run up to Maine and Nova Scotia later this week.
Geese and cormorants were flying north today

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