Bienvenue a New York

CORRECTION: This post has been updated to reflect that the Fulmar is now a French Navy vessel rather than Gendarmerie Maritime.

A low pressure system moved in from the south on Thursday, generating a southerly wind and a thick bank of fog which rolled up from the harbor, gradually obscuring the Narrows and allowing the Verrazano Bridge to do a disappearing act more typical of the Golden Gate. By Friday morning, the haze had moved all the way up the river, gradually burning off over the course of the day.

Meagan Ann emerges from the fog covering the harbor Thursday evening, towing a mud scow back to the dredge site, which has now moved up to between Pier 90 and 92; Hoboken Sailing Club J80s are racing on the right off Jersey City, with one blue sailed Hudson River Community Sailing J24 in the mix as well

Meanwhile, a French Navy patrol boat has come into town and is docked at the end of Pier 86 (the Intrepid Museum pier). The Fulmar is a converted fishing trawler and is based in the French Overseas Territory of St. Pierre and Miquelon, which is off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada. Her primary mission appears to be fishery enforcement and Arctic patrols, along with coastal rescue, and it is unclear why the vessel is visiting New York City.

French patrol vessel visiting from up north
Vessel hails from St. Pierre & Maquilon, French territory near northern Canada
Photo Source: Google

Also visiting by Pier 86 was a North Hudson Regional Fire and Rescue marine unit. North Hudson is a consolidated fire department that covers the towns of Guttenberg, North Bergen, Union City, Weehawken and West New York. This vessel has been around the passenger terminal at least three times now over the past few weeks. Its not clear what brings it to this side of the river, though perhaps the cruise terminal piers provide some combination of better protection and deeper water for some types of exercises than is available on the Jersey side.

North Hudson’s fireboat near the cruise terminal

NYPD boats also tie up at Pier 86 from time to time, and two were there on Friday.

NYPD 31’ and 25’ boats tied up at Pier 86 with the Growler submarine, part of the Intrepid Museum, in the background
Tugs with mud scows remain active as dredging continues near Pier 90/92
A Waterway ferry passed a small bunkering tanker
Buchanan12 rode the ebb tide down from the Tilcon quarry in Clinton Point, passing the anchored Saint Emilion

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