A Pea Souper

Sunday opened with a thick layer of fog sitting over the river. The soup burned off, though, over the course of the morning, and afternoon brought sunny skies and warm temperatures, with plenty of recreational activity on the river.

The upper wheelhouse and forward barge mast of the anchored Saint Emilion were barely visible in the morning fog
Once the fog cleared she weighed anchor and headed down to Cateret
An outrigged kayak was happy to have an orange hull in the fog
More kayakers and SUPers ventured out as the conditions improved. This group passed a North River Lobster Company lunch cruise.
A J80 sailboat from Hoboken Sailing Club used the steady south wind and its spinnaker sail to run upriver agains the ebb tide
And then easily tacked back upwind, passing the Palisades Medical Center in North Bergen
Buchanan12 had to work harder to move upriver with its lash-up of empty hoppers heading back to Clinton Point
Kimberly Polling anchored overnight near Yonkers and then shifted down to around 86th Street once things cleared up
Cormorants were hunkered down in the damp, with one exception
The gosslings are getting bigger
Ducklings have arrived on the scene as well now
These look like Canada geese at first glance, but they are Brant, a different species. Here they are passing the 72nd Street kayak pier wrecked by Sandy
The dredge is now working off the end of Pier 92; Norwegian Joy is back from Bermuda and set to leave for there tonight with a stop in Norfolk on the way

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