Tuesday bluster

Tuesday brought beautiful weather after Monday night’s storms, though gusty winds picked up in the afternoon. Activity was fairly light on the river.

Dann Marine pushed an empty cement barge past Riverside Park, heading back towards Lafarge’s Ravenna plant after an early departure from the College Point cement terminal
Mr. Jim was also heading back home to Coeymans with loaded hoppers
Dean Reinauer was going in the other direction, bringing an empty barge back from Newburgh and heading for the Upper Bay
The DEP’s Red Hook was on its appointed rounds, heading for the North River plant to ferry sludge to the centrifuges in Hunts Point for dewatering
A huge C130 flew low up the river, eluding my camera but not FlightRadar24 which shows the plane making a big loop from Grabeski in West Hampton. Air National Guard C130s based at Grabeski are part of a search and rescue group made famous by The Perfect Storm.
Source: FlightRadar24

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