Summer arrives early

What started out as a cool and foggy morning quickly morphed into a hot and hazy day, with temperatures getting up into the 90s. The water remains cold, keep temperatures right by the river rather moderate. Traffic was fairly typical of a summer Saturday though.

A foggy start to the morning. New Jersey is out there somewhere
DEP’s Red Hook was servicing the North River plant, overtaking a sail boat with its mast shipped “on two whistles”
The Coast Guard was on patrol in a 29’ boat
This 62’ NYPD dive boat had a crowd on the top deck
The Army Corp of Engineer’s Hayward made her usual rounds
Dann Marine pushed an empty cement barge back to the Lafarge plant in Ravenna, NY
Mr. Jim was also heading back to Coeymans with at least one loaded hopper
Franklin Reinauer was pushing oil products towards Albany. Built in 1984 Franklin is one of the older tugs in the Reinauer fleet, though not the oldest
Nicole Leigh Reinauer passed a Circle Line boat “on one whistle”
A Weehawken-bound ferry took the stern of an ATB heading for the Upper Bay
The Pier i raft fisherman was back on-station
Kayakers fought the flood heading south
And passed one heading north in the haze
Life is easier with an engine

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