Back to the 60s—tanker edition

Being away from the river for the weekend is a good excuse to share some more photos from the family archives. These photos, taken in 1965 by a parent before I was born, show the tanker Texaco Kentucky heading south down the river at around 125th Street.

The Texaco Kentucky was built in 1949 in the U.S. but was Panama flagged, which means this vessel was either returning from delivering oil products upstate or carrying product from Albany for export overseas. The Kentucky was scrapped in 1985.

In addition to the tanker, if you look closely you can see on the left of the first picture the outlines of the Ferris wheel and roller coasters of Palisades Park amusement park on top of the cliffs. The amusement park closed in 1971 and was replaced by high rise apartment buildings.

The Texaco Kentucky passing Palisades Park NJ in 1965
Source: Katzive Family Collection
The 125th Street garbage transfer station on the right is still there, but is no longer in use and is overshadowed by the North River sewage plant built in the 1980s
Source: Katzive Family Collection
Old factory and industrial buildings are visible on the Jersey shore, all replaced now by condominiums and retail development
Source: Katzive Family Collection

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