Back to work

The un-official and non-astronomical start to summer brought hot temperatures in the 90s to the North River as the city got back to work after the long weekend. The USS Bataan made an early departure from Pier 88, leaving town with considerably less fanfare than when it arrived. The HMS Protector remains tied up at Pier 90 as of Tuesday afternoon. (See The Fleet Arrives for more on Fleet Week).

The USS Bataan leaves town at the tail end of the morning ebb tide

Workboats from the Miller company arrived and set up a crane near Pier 97, which is being developed for recreational use. Two of the boats set up a containment boom in case of accidental spills.

Deploying containment boom

The morning began with the Haggerty Girls and and the Jennifer Turecamo still anchored off Riverside Park. By 2pm, Haggerty Girls had weighed anchor and headed for Bayonne IMTT but Jennifer remained.

Jennifer has now been anchored in that spot for over a week, an extended stay which would require permission from Coast Guard Sector New York, the first such dispensation granted since the Teresa departed in early April. Jennifer Turecamo is part of the Moran Towing fleet and her circumstances are no doubt quite different from Teresa. The tug and barge seem likely to depart soon.

Dylan Cooper and Kimberly Poling were anchored further upriver, off Grant’s Tomb and Yonkers, respectively, but both made morning departures.

Jennifer Turecamo and Haggerty Girls at slack tide Tuesday morning
Haggerty Girls heads for Bayonne IMTT
Dylan Cooper heading for Kinder Morgan’s Linden terminal, passing a Miller workboat trailing containment boom
Kimberly Poling heading for the Upper Bay
The goslings are now teenagers
Watched by a lone grackle

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