Monday moves

Beautiful though increasingly hot weather persisted on Monday. Observed traffic was mainly southbound, including two of Reinauer’s older and smaller tugs, the Franklin and Dace. Saint Emilion remained at anchor off 72nd Street after arriving there Sunday afternoon.

Franklin Reinauer returning from Albany
Dace Reinauer returning from Newburgh on the ebb tide and passed the anchored Saint Emilion
Kimberly Poling returned from Albany and headed for Carteret
Treasure Coast brought a load of cement down from Lafarge’s Ravenna plant to the Lafarge Bayonne terminal
The DEP’s Red Hook tanker brought sludge from the North River plant to Hunts Point for dewatering
Foxy 5 was an exception to the rule, towing empty hoppers north with the flood tide, passing the anchored Saint Emilion and a dual hull sailboat
Canada geese were another exception, also flying north, perhaps migrating or maybe locals looking for a new park to foul up
A juvenile double-crested cormorant sitting on an old NY Central Pier

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