Maiden voyage

Rains cleared and beautiful weather returned on Wednesday. The Maiden, a 58-foot racing yacht passed through in the morning on the way to Kingston, NY. The Maiden was the first sailing boat to circumnavigate the globe with an all-female crew in the late 1980s and is currently on a world tour in support of its mission of improving educational and empowerment opportunities for girls (see for more information).

The Maiden runs upriver with the flood tide heading for Kingston
HRCS J80s turned out to provide an escort, and one deployed its spinnaker

Meanwhile, commercial traffic picked up after Tuesday’s lull. The Saint Emilion weighed anchor Tuesday afternoon after two days parked off 72nd Street, headed down to the Kinder Morgan terminal in Cateret and was pushing back towards Albany by Wednesday morning. Saint Emilion was replaced by Cape Canaveral which anchored with its barge off 79th Street

Saint Emilion pushing for Albany Wednesday morning
Cape Canaveral at anchor off the Boat Basin
Quenames was also heading north with a loaded barge
Saint Emilion, Maiden, Quenames and Cape Canaveral are all visible in this shot
A Reinauer ATB headed for Albany, passing J80 sailboats
Mary Alice pushed a load of flattened autos from the Sims Metal dock in Albany to the Sims dock in Bayonne

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